McCormick's Redesigned Bottles Keep Spices Fresher

Get ready! Your spice cabinet may be getting a makeover. According to a press release from McCormick, the Maryland-based spice company has decided that 40 years was long enough for the red-cap design in the company's core products. Founded in 1889 in the basement of a Baltimore home by Willoughby McCormick, the now-global company is no stranger to innovation and makes products that cooks worldwide reach for in the kitchen.

McCormick makes Old Bay, French's, Zatarain's, Lawry's, and Grill Mates seasonings, but the company doesn't simply rely on time-tested flavors; since the year 2000, McCormick has released a Flavor Forecast, which for 2023 is betting on the popularity of "Everyday French" and "Beyond Heat" as the trends to watch for.

On March 14, 2023, McCormick's redesign announcement highlights a new look for the brand and reflects the company's values and commitment to delivering products that stay fresh longer and have a smaller environmental footprint.

New McCormick bottles feature a signature SnapTight lid

McCormick's newly designed bottles have several key features, including transparent labels that allow consumers to see the spices inside, clearly marked "best by" dates to ensure peak freshness, the new SnapTight lids that let cooks "hear the snap" indicating the bottle is tightly sealed, and a new manufacturing process that removes air from bottles before they're sealed at the factory, ensuring fresher herbs and seasoning. The bottles are also manufactured with 50% post-consumer recycled material, which McCormick says will reduce the brand's carbon footprint by 18-23%.

Since dried spices are best used at peak freshness, McCormick's Group VP of Marketing, Nikki French said, in the press release, "These changes deliver a new standard when it comes to our passion and continued pursuit of flavor." The newly designed bottles have already begun to roll out for core products like cinnamon, garlic powder, paprika, crushed red pepper, and parsley, and McCormick indicates the transition will continue throughout 2023.