Why You Need To Stop Overcrowding Your Freezer

A freezer is an essential appliance in your kitchen. Pile in that chicken you bought in bulk, frozen pizzas, ice cream, and vegetables, you can easily pull out for an easy meal when you don't have time to shop for groceries. The freezer is also the answer for those who like to cook their favorite spaghetti sauce or chili recipe in big batches for later use. And if you find yourself with leftovers you won't be able to consume before they expire, the freezer offers the perfect storage option to help combat food waste. It really is a modern marvel; however, it won't be as marvelous if you overcrowd it.

You've probably heard that a full freezer is going to keep your food cooler and work more efficiently, and that's true, but how you stock your freezer matters. You don't want to overfill it with your essential and nonessential bulk purchases the next time you head to Sam's Club, Costco, or elsewhere. In fact, there are several hazards you might encounter if pack your freezer too tightly. You need to cease and desist if you are among the offenders because it not only affects how your freezer functions, but the food you are storing.

It could affect food quality

Bob Vila shares that when you fill your freezer with too much food, it blocks the airflow, making your freezer work overtime to keep the constant temperature you have it set at and potentially leading to burnout. This seemingly innocent habit will ultimately cause your utility bill to be higher. But that's not the only problem an overcrowded freezer creates.

Too many frozen containers and packages crammed together in the freezer can cause the food you are storing to have quality issues – problems that are avoidable if you follow the simple rule of keeping your freezer full but not overcrowded. Jampacking food in the freezer can be at the root of those pesky hazards like freezer burn and changes to the color and taste of the foods you are trying to preserve. No one wants that.

Instead of trying to fit more in it than your freezer can handle, appliance maker Whirlpool recommends keeping your freezer capacity at no more than 80% full. This will help the cold air distribute more effectively throughout the freezer. Additionally, it will ensure those internal vents aren't being hindered by that mega box of frozen waffles that seemingly everyone loves to eat in the morning.