The First Starbucks Store Has A Touching Piece Of History

Starbucks' original café at Pike Place in Seattle welcomes local office workers and tourists searching for a reliable caffeine fix. The place where it all began has become a destination for coffee lovers, and the shop is filled with interesting facts and knick-knacks that date back to the chain's early beginnings.

If you find yourself in the vicinity of the narrow coffee shop — the only Starbucks location with the very first company logo — keep your eyes open for all sorts of nostalgic artifacts. The atmosphere there delivers both comfort and homage to a business of firsts.

Even coffee is served a bit differently. Food isn't available, cups are thrown in the air, and experienced baristas stand on an elevated platform to make drinks. One of the more thoughtful touches might be easily missed, but we're here to make sure you notice it before you visit this famous coffee house.

Thoughtfulness goes a long way

As you make your way inside the store to order your favorite Starbucks drink, it's easy to miss the slim metal coat hook affixed to the wall. The hanger dates back to 1995 and is the initiative of a considerate manager named Alyson Edwards.

At the time, Edwards had a regular customer who often complained that she didn't have a place to hang her coat. The disgruntled patron walked more than 10 miles for her regular caffeine fix, and the small shop didn't have seating — or clothing hooks — to accommodate guests and their belongings.

As a surprise during the holiday season, Edwards bought a coat hook and presented it with a red bow to the customer, who immediately had an emotional response and said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. The hanger went up on the wall and remains in its place to this day.

Though managers have previously discussed commemorating the hook with a ceremonial plaque, they ultimately decided to leave it just as it is to recognize that doing the little things for customers can make such a big impact.