Here's Why You Should Be Whisking Mashed Potatoes

A good bowl of mashed potatoes is like magic, with one bite transporting you to your grandma's dinner table. Buttery, herby, or cheesy, mashed potatoes can be made many ways to satisfy a variety of preferences and with different ingredients, such as caramelized onions, to upgrade the dish. 

Although mashed potatoes are made with only a few simple ingredients (potatoes, salt, butter, and milk or cream), each home cook has their own preference for consistency. Some prefer super smooth while others love a few lumps. Others like to make a little well in which to put a pat of butter to melt or to add fresh garden herbs for extra flavor. 

No matter the ingredients or desired texture, most home cooks are using a hand masher or electric mixer to turn their spuds into a side dish. But, there is a kitchen utensil you should be using for the most craveable mashed potatoes.

Luxuriously smooth potatoes

If serving the creamiest, smoothest mashed potatoes is your dinnertime goal, consider whipping out the whisk to realize your vision. By using a whisk to make mashed potatoes, the work of transforming the cooked potatoes into a smooth side dish can be reduced. Simply cook the potatoes in a mix of butter and milk instead of water. When the potatoes are soft, whisk the potatoes in the cooking liquid until desired textured is achieved. There is no need for extra tools for creamy potatoes in this case (no sieves or potato ricers). And by using the whisk, it only takes seconds versus minutes to get smooth potatoes. 

Make it even simpler and trade in the hand whisk for an electric one. Place the whisk in the center of the pan of potatoes, turn on slow, and then move around the pan. Continue to whisk until adequately smooth and creamy and then serve with or without gravy for the ultimate comfort food side dish.