Gordon Ramsay's Grandiose Potato Dish For Saint Patrick's Day Combines The Best Of Two Worlds - Exclusive

Forget Irish soda bread and shepherd's pie — there's no need to go strictly traditional this Saint Patrick's Day. Should anyone second-guess your decision not to serve up corned beef and cabbage or colcannon, feel free to tell them that your over-the-top potato dish comes straight from the imagination of the commander in chief of "Hell's Kitchen."

Gordon Ramsay is not, of course, Irish. He nonetheless habitually proffers up decadently over-the-top and celebratory dishes on March 17. Crowning his restaurants' sweeter offerings on Saint Paddy's Days past, you'll find beer-infused desserts to the tune of Guinness chocolate cake with whisky cream and chocolate brownies with Guinness sorbet. 

As Gordon Ramsay revealed in an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, his more savory potato imaginings are no less sumptuous. Before you protest that you don't have any of the five-star ingredients which the celebrity chef usually relies on to elevate his meals, relax. This is not a recipe that calls for black Périgord truffles. You'll likely find everything you need to make it already stocked in your pantry.

Gordon Ramsay's Saint Paddy's Day baked potato is not ordinary

Wait for it. Gordon Ramsay's potato-based St. Patrick's Day meal of choice may be time intensive, but it's completely within your wheelhouse. "I would go for the most amazing, loaded baked potato finished with a gratinated topped mac and cheese," Ramsay exclusively suggested to Tasting Table, describing it as "a double hit." The Michelin-starred chef recommends loading your baked potato with scallions and chili. Then, before popping it back in the oven, top the already-loaded potato off with "a dollop" of macaroni and cheese and finish the dish "with the most amazing [bread] crumbs."

As promised, no five-star ingredients are necessary for this Saint Patrick's Day feast. If, however, you're dying to go decadent, you can add shaved truffles to your bread crumb topping, like Ramsay's restaurants sometimes do. Which cheeses should you use? In previous mac-and-cheese recipes, the chef has relied on comté, which he described to Tasting Table as "this beautiful Savoie, rich cheese." He's also a fan of cheddar, which he prefers mature.

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