The 3 Ingredients Tom Colicchio Can't Stand Have One Thing In Common

If you think being a professional chef means learning to appreciate and savor every kind of ingredient, you are largely mistaken. Even professional chefs have ingredients they don't like — and celebrity chef Tom Colicchio is no exception. Since he is a well-known judge on "Top Chef," aspiring contestants will do well by studying up on his culinary proclivities.

While certain ingredients can dramatically impact the flavors of dishes, texture plays an equally important role when it comes to appreciating — or disliking — particular dishes. In an interview with The New York Times, Colicchio expressed his distaste for one texture in particular, explaining that he can't bring himself to enjoy foods with viscous textures. The chef isn't alone in this sentiment, and the ingredients he named bring a noticeable element of slime into recipes. "Top Chef" contenders, be warned. When preparing dishes for the judge, there are three ingredients you'll want to be sure to leave behind on the prepping station.

Keep these ingredients away from Colicchio

Keep slimy foods away from Colicchio's plate — that includes okra, sea cucumbers, and grated mountain yam. Okra is a common offender in the slimy department. As great as the ingredient might be for making delicious gumbo recipes, it needs special preparation to keep its finger-like pods from misbehaving. While cooking okra in strips can help reduce the mucilage, it's difficult to completely eliminate the slime after cutting into one.

Given Colicchio's dislike for okra, it is no wonder he would prefer not to see sea cucumbers or grated mountain yam on a menu. Sea cucumbers may deliver plenty of health benefits, but they, too, result in some pretty slimy dishes. Grated mountain yam is another slippery food that can be eaten raw, served in soups, and used to give texture to spongy confections, but considering its consistency, it may take a special kind of preparation to get Colicchio to enjoy it. Needless to say, don't serve the chef anything slippery if he is judging your culinary work.