Chameleon Cold Brew Is Getting In On The Espresso Martini Trend

There is seemingly nothing hotter right now than cold brew coffee. Hotter in the trendy sense, of course. Much of the appeal for cold brew coffee lies in its smoother, less bitter, and acidic flavor profile relative to traditional hot coffee — an appeal that has not only made cold brew coffee sought-after as a morning pick-me-up but also as a prized cocktail ingredient. 

Cold brew has been added to dozens of traditional cocktails in recent years. None, however, caught the fancy of consumers quite like the espresso martini. The frequency with which this cocktail was ordered in the U.S. spiked by 300% during the first half of 2021, and Forbes reported in November 2022 that it had become one of the country's best-selling cocktails.

One company that has undoubtedly noted the booming popularity of the espresso martini is the Austin, Texas-based organic coffee maker Chameleon Cold-Brew. According to PR Newswire, the coffee company will be releasing a non-alcoholic cold brew mixer specifically tailored to this cocktail.

Chameleon is set to launch an Organic Espresso Martini Mixer

As the name suggests, Chameleon's new Organic Espresso Martini Mixer is designed specifically with espresso martini cocktails in mind. Along with the product's launch, the company highlights the quality of ingredients used to manufacture it. Not only is the cold brew 100% organic, but the non-alcoholic mixer is made exclusively in small batches using sustainably-sourced Arabica beans that should prove to be "less acidic and highly adaptable" for your coffee-based cocktails. The company also boasts its own proprietary brewing method, a 12-hour process facilitated by water from Texas Hill Country.

"We're thrilled to bring our organic cold brew to this classic cocktail," noted Chameleon's CEO, Andy Fathollahi, in the press release. "This new product innovation will bring premium quality coffee and consistent flavor to espresso martini consumers and bars everywhere." No date has been set as yet regarding the availability of the product at bars, restaurants, and retail outlets. According to Chameleon, however, the smooth-drinking cocktail mixer will be released nationally at some point in 2023.