The Lightning Fast Method For Coring Iceberg Lettuce

The crunchy texture and mild to slightly sweet taste of iceberg lettuce are hard to beat when you're creating a salad or looking for a little greenery for a sandwich. Once the cool kid on the lettuce block, iceberg lettuce continues to rise and fall in popularity amongst culinary palates. It was even dubbed the "polyester of lettuce" in an attempt to sully its crispy reputation, but no BLT is the same without it, and fans of the beloved wedge salad topped with blue cheese dressing, tomatoes, and bacon would not feel the same if a green understudy was brought in to fill the plate. No offense to kale or romaine, but truth is truth.

In fact, iceberg lettuce, or crisphead as it's often called, is one of the most popular types of lettuce sold and consumed in the U.S. When you consider that 98% of lettuce eaten is grown in America, that really puts the love for this lettuce into perspective. The only downside to iceberg lettuce is that it can take a little TLC to get it ready for use if you haven't learned the easiest way to core it.

No tools required

What is the core? The anatomy of a head of iceberg lettuce is pretty straightforward. Spherical in shape like a medium-sized bouncing ball, the lettuce leaves are tightly packed with the larger leaves on the outside. As you peel the leaves from a head of lettuce, you will discover they get smaller and smaller, like nesting dolls. The leaves are all connected to a thick white core which is located at the base of the head.

When it comes to coring a head of iceberg lettuce, it's almost a primal task. You don't need any special tools other than your hands and a hard surface. Before coring, you want to remove any leaves that might be wilted or that look unappetizing. Then simply turn your head of lettuce so that the core is facing down to your countertop or cutting board and firmly hit the core against it. This will either cause it to loosen or even break right off. If it doesn't immediately break off and is only loosened with that first hit against the counter, you can twist the white knob to easily remove it. Once the core is no more, you can clean the lettuce under cold water and bust out your salad spinner to thoroughly dry it.