Tim Love's Mole-Inspired Dry Rub Only Needs 2 Ingredients

After browsing the endless rubs and spice combinations stacked along supermarket aisles, it's perfectly reasonable to walk away thinking dry rubs are carefully assembled batches of spices and herbs that no mere mortal can replicate. Thankfully, we have grill master chef Tim Love to snap us out of this spice-induced reverie, reminding us that sometimes less is more, particularly when it comes to culinary undertakings — and any tips we can get to help us become expert grill masters ourselves, we're more than eager to try.

Instead of a multi-spice blend made from a variety of herbs and seasonings, Love's go-to dry rub is made up of two easy-to-find ingredients, so you won't be combing through the store for anything obscure. Plus, this tasty combination is inspired by the rich flavors of mole, so whatever protein you're gearing up to toss onto the grill is destined for a delicious future.

Get ready to grill

For a quick and easy grilling solution, Tim Love told Food & Wine he makes his own dry rub out of two ingredients you may already have in the pantry — cocoa and powdered chile. The sweetness of the cocoa paired with the heat of the peppers will lend a perfectly balanced flavor to pork chops, chicken, and fish. When Love is cooking for guests and striving for that perfectly browned and crispy exterior to serve, he covers the meat with a light sugar rub and uses low heat to make sure the sugar doesn't burn the skin of the protein.

Serve your mole-spiced mains with grilled Mexican street corn and avocado chips, and you have all the essential elements for delicious dinners and great backyard parties. And if Love's twist on mole has you craving some real-deal sauce, we have a shortcut version you can easily make at home and serve on the side of your perfectly grilled mains.