The Simple Addition For Creamier Jarred Tomato Sauce

Pasta is a staple in many households and ready-made tomato sauce in a jar can be a lifesaver during the work week when you don't have time to make your pasta sauce from scratch. Don't feel too badly if you don't have time to make a fresh sauce — plenty of chefs take advantage of this convenience. Celebrity chef Ina Garten isn't above breaking out a jar of Rao's marina sauce instead of slaving over a hot stove all day to achieve pasta sauce nirvana. And Garten isn't the only one turning to jarred pasta sauce. Statista reported that 269.62 million Americans used a pre-made pasta sauce in 2020 with the expectation that this number will grow to 276.84 million by 2024.

But just because you are using sauce in a jar doesn't mean you can't make it your own. There are plenty of clever tricks to upgrade your pasta sauce, including adding feta cheese, vegetables, meats, and spices to whatever you believe the best store-bought pasta sauce might be. But, if you want to get a silky, creamy taste when you use jarred tomato sauce, there is one ingredient you are going to want to add — and it is a game changer.

Heavy cream will transform your sauce

Adding heavy cream to your jarred tomato sauce can transform it into a thicker, richer, creamy sauce that is velvety smooth. Your favorite premade sauce will not only become lighter in color, the cream will add a new depth of flavor to it. This addition can help to balance out acidity and create a texture that will make your tastebuds sing. The trick with adding cream to your jar sauce is to start with a small amount so the taste isn't overwhelming. You can always add more cream, but if you add too much, it can be difficult to fix. 

What type of pasta pairs well with a creamy marinara sauce? Penne or rigatoni are great picks for this sauce upgrade, as are bow ties and farfalle. If you prefer a lighter version of this cream sauce, you can also use half-and-half in place of the cream. You will still get the same rich flavor, but with fewer calories. Add a little fresh basil and you're in business. Of course, if you need a protein to go alongside this pasta dish, you can always serve it with chicken or even shrimp.