Blue Apron Is Launching Its First-Ever Brunch Box For Mother's Day

Mother's Day has become one of the most popular and widely celebrated holidays since its creation in 1868. The practice of honoring moms, however, goes back even further, stretching back to ancient Greece and beyond. These days, people explore many different ways to celebrate their loved ones. And according to the National Retail Federation, they are willing to spend big for this special day. In 2022, consumers were expected to spend almost $32 billion on the holiday. The average spending per person came in at slightly more than $245 with the top three gift categories being cards, flowers, and special outings.

Blue Apron is offering its own special experience to help people celebrate their mothers. For the first time, the company is selling a brunch-themed box in time for Mother's Day. This box provides the ingredients and instructions to make several delicious brunch dishes and serves six guests. It's a great opportunity to skip overpriced and overcrowded restaurant brunches and enjoy Mother's Day at home.

Spring brunch in a box

The Blue Apron's Brunch Box offers a mix of sweet and savory chef-created recipes. It features avocado toast topped with feta cheese, sliced radish, and chopped chives; and a cheese and asparagus quiche with marinated artichokes served and a romesco aioli. To satisfy your sweet tooth, there's also a blueberry and lemon curd French toast bake, as well as maple and brown sugar candied bacon that's the perfect salty-sweet bite.

As John Adler, senior vice president of physical products at Blue Apron, explains "Our Brunch Box includes recipes to make guests happy, from vibrant plant-forward options with fresh produce to more decadent choices for the sweet tooth at the table. With this menu, customers don't have to choose." 

The Brunch Box debuts on April 3 so there's no need to wait for Mother's Day. It's a great choice for anyone who wants to host a tasty spring brunch on any day he or she wants.