Why You Should Own Silicone Liners For Your Air Fryer

Air fryers are handy and versatile devices, but they don't come without a set of risks. When used incorrectly, your air fryer could lead to a fire, a burn, or just a big mess. To avoid incidents like these, don't leave your air fryer sitting up against a wall or an electrical outlet while it's being used, as you could be blocking air flow from the vent or blowing tons of hot air directly into a plug. And when possible, avoid air frying food in parchment paper.

This may seem counterintuitive — after all, some air fryers come with a set of paper liners, along with instructions on how to use them. And from a cleanup perspective, isn't it strategic to have a buffer in between your food and the basket? While it can be convenient to use some type of liner, you may want to stay away from parchment specifically. Not only can paper fly around the air fryer once hot air starts circulating, causing it to potentially burn, but Culinary Lore reports parchment paper is only heat resistant until about 420 degrees Fahrenheit. It's also not an incredibly sustainable practice to dispose of a parchment lining each time you use the air fryer.

Luckily, silicone liners provide a safer and less wasteful alternative.

A better air frying experience

If parchment air fryer liners sound like more trouble than they're worth, consider turning to the silicone version. They often come in fun colors and can be cut to fit your air fryer basket — but those aren't the only reasons to try them. New silicone mats come with holes, similar to the parchment types, which allow hot air to properly circulate and keep your food from sticking to the basket.

Silicone mats are also more sustainable — they can typically go in the dishwasher, which makes for easy cleanup and allows you to reuse them as many times as you want. And because they typically stay put in the basket, you have a better buffer between your food and the air fryer, which protects the device from wear and tear and prevents food from sliding around during cooking.

Compared to parchment paper, silicone typically makes for a better air frying experience: These liners are usually heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Air Fryer Cook, so you can safely crisp up most foods without worrying about the inside of your device catching on fire. And they're usually extremely affordable — a three pack runs as low as $10.95 — and you won't have to continually dish out more dough to buy more. 

For better peace of mind when air frying your favorite foods, it's worth giving silicone liners a whirl.