Shake Shack To Send One Lucky Customer Truffle Hunting In Italy

If you're a big fan of truffles looking to shake up your lunch routine a bit and possibly do some traveling, then Shake Shack has just the promotion for you. Starting March 6, the high-end burger chain is adding an extra perk to its ongoing truffle menu special. For one week only, customers who purchase one of the chain's special white truffle menu items on Grubhub will get a free milkshake of their choosing and can enter for a chance to win a vacation to Italy to join in on a truffle hunt.

As most foodies know, truffles are an edible form of fungus related to the mushroom,  which can only be found underground through the aid of keen-nosed, highly trained animals like pigs or dogs, making them incredibly rare, valuable delicacies. Black truffles can cost hundreds of dollars per pound, while the even rarer white truffles can cost up to $4,000 per pound, which is why Shake Shack has been so excited to offer its customers a chance to sample this high-end ingredient for an affordable price on its limited-time menu, which debuted in February. The chain's White Truffle Burger, White Truffle Shroom Burger, and Parmesan Fries with White Truffle Sauce made from Regalis Foods' Organic White Truffle Arbequina Oil, all sell for under $10.

Italian Vacation Sweepstakes

If the opportunity to sample a gourmet ingredient at fast food prices isn't enticing enough, Shake Shack's newest offer, which was sent to Tasting Table in a press release, will offer truffle enthusiasts the chance to travel to the truffle capital of the world and see how the elusive fungi are foraged firsthand.

From March 6 to 12, customers who order special truffle menu items on Grubhub will receive a free milkshake and free delivery on orders of $15 or more. Additionally, guests who order any item from Shake Shack during the week and use the coupon code SHACKTRUFFLE can be entered to win a $13,000 voucher to book a trip to Italy and participate in a truffle hunt. Truffle hunting seasons vary by region, but depending on the time of year, the winner can search for either black or white truffles near several major tourist areas, including Rome, Florence, San Miniato, and Alba. These experiences offer a unique look into how these ingredients are harvested and often include tastings or cooking classes along with the hunt.

There will be only one winner of the grand prize trip to Italy, but even if you don't get a chance to go foraging, a free milkshake and an inexpensive delicacy for dinner is not a bad consolation prize.