Shake Shack Debuts New White Truffle Menu In Time For Valentine's Day

Ah, fungus. When it comes to earthly delights, is there anything more romantic? Scientists from Stanford University argue that indeed there may not be, at least when it comes to Valentine's Day staples like wine and chocolate. In the case of wine, fungi in the form of yeasts are essential to fermentation. In the case of chocolate, fungal enzymes mellow the bitter notes inherent in raw cacao. And then there are truffles — a type of mushroom (which is a plant-like form of fungus) with pheromone-like properties that attract wild beasts to dig them up from underground. Truffles are also known to induce swooning in humans, who vibe to their intoxicatingly earthy, musky scent, which is derived, in part, from the presence of a human sex hormone, androstenone.

Perhaps that might help explain why truffles can cost a veritable king's ransom, upwards of "$10,000 per pound," per Stanford biology professor, Kabir Peay. Fortunately, experiencing truffles for oneself does not necessarily require shelling out anything close to that kind of cash. That can be comforting around Valentine's Day, which CNBC estimates will cost Americans $26 billion this year. Just in time for Valentine's Day, the "bougie" burger joint, Shake Shack is bringing back several of its popular truffle-enhanced menu items — with a twist.

Instead of making use of the rarified black truffle, this year, in an exciting debut, Shake Shack is focusing on the even-more-rarified white truffle. But you wouldn't know it from the menu prices.

Shake Shack offers a taste of white truffles but only for a limited time

COVID-19 did a number on Shake Shack's business, tied as it is to foot traffic, per Nation's Restaurant News. But Shake Shack's feeling optimistic, having announced the opening of several dozen new venues across the globe. Now, as investors await the chain's latest financial results (due February 23, according to a company press release) — and just in time for Valentine's Day, Shake Shack has announced the return of its popular truffle menu. However, in contrast to 2020 and 2021, this year's focus is not black truffles, but white, aka the "king of the mushroom kingdom," according to a press release sent to Tasting Table.

White truffles are "notoriously rare," per the press release, but starting this week, Shake Shack customers can experience the reputed magic for under $10 — thanks to a white truffle infused oil made by Regalis, which Williams-Sonoma claims gives "new meaning to the phrase, 'liquid gold.'" The offerings, featuring a sauce made with said oil, will comprise a White Truffle Burger (featuring fontina cheese and onion crisps) and a White Truffle 'Shroom Burger (featuring muenster and cheddar cheeses and shredded lettuce), both of whose prices start at $8.99. In addition, there will be Parmesan Fries with that same oil-infused White Truffle Sauce, with a starting price of $4.69.

Those using the Shake Shack app can dig in starting Wednesday, February 8; Stubborn resistors will have to wait until February 10. And if you're not sold on the new Shake Shack white truffle menu, you can check out our review.