Top Tuna Sandwiches With Pickled Ginger For A Sushi-Inspired Twist

So you've tried akami, tuna's top loin, and now you're hooked on any kind of sushi that can be made with pieces of tuna. While visiting your favorite sushi restaurant each day for lunch may be a tad unrealistic for both your schedule and your bank account, we have an equally tempting option. What if we told you there's a way to bring some of those delicious sushi flavors into your weekly meals? 

Sushi-lover and sandwich aficionados, do we have the sandwich-making tip for you. If you think you have tuna sandwich recipes on lock, get ready to make a delicious change. For moments when you've tried to spruce up tuna salad recipes and find yourself still craving a little extra something, pickled ginger might be the answer you've been searching for.

It's time to bring the sushi bar with you — in the form of a tuna sandwich.

Packed lunches never tasted so good

Whether you're preparing tuna paninis at home or are packing a lunch to take to the office, adding pickled ginger can offer a sweet, tart flavor to more traditional — and expected — tuna sandwich recipes. Simply chop pieces of ginger into shreds or lay thinner pieces on top of your assembled sandwich. You can also add ginger directly into your tuna salad mix. For those avoiding bread, this hack can also be applied to tuna lettuce wraps, and pieces of ginger can bring a warming spice into your healthy meal.

If you're not quite sold on adding the flavorful ingredient to your tuna sandwich, a splash of some of the brine pickled ginger is packaged in can provide a hint of flavor without overpowering any other ingredients in your tuna salad. 

For other sushi-themed lunch ideas, our ginger sushi burrito recipe is an easy-to-pack option for long days at work, and you can make pickled ginger at home for all of your sushi and sandwich-making needs.