Italy's Prestigious I Masanielli Pizzeria Serves A 5-Onion Pizza

If you are going to Italy in search of pizza, you must have heard tell that the place to go is Naples. While Napoli is famous for its Neapolitan style pizza, which is delicious by the way, you might want to add another Italian city to your pizza-crawl itinerary. While delicious pizza can be found in Rome, Venice and Florence, there's a smaller, medieval city north of Naples called Caserta that is poised to steal your pizza-loving heart. 

If you're staying in Rome, Caserta is just a two hour train ride south and it's a perfect place to stop if you're traveling from Roma to Napoli or the Amalfi Coast. Caserta, Italy has become the talk of the pizza-loving culinary world ever since their Pizzeria I Masanielli was ranked as the number one pizza in the world by 50 Top Pizza. Could Caserta be on its way to replacing Naples as the pizza capitol of Italy? That remains unclear, but it's certainly worth a visit, especially for those who love onions. 

A pizza for onion lovers

With the title of best pizza in the world resting firmly on his shoulders, Francesco Martucci, pizzaiolo and owner of I Masanielli, offers guests a list of award-winning pizzas, including the incredibly unique Le Cinque Consistenze della Cipolla — "the five onion pizza." While this signature wood fired pizza uses fior di latte in lieu of the buffalo mozzarella that Caserta is famous for, it also features onions served in five different ways: onion cream, crispy onions, fermented onion, burnt onion, and an onion mayonnaise. 

If you're a lover of pizza and a lover of onion, this is a match made in heaven. Imagine tasting the creamiest cheese and the perfect texture of pizza dough combined with sweet, savory, gentle, and bitter types of onion flavor. Seems like a salt, fat, acid, and heat experience all in one bite. 

If you're in search of delicious bites, or pizza bragging rights, add a visit to I Masanielli to your itinerary next time you're in Italia so you can say you've tried the best and possibly most unique pizza in the world.