Air Fry Leftover Pasta For A Crispy Snack

The year 2021 was a booming time for TikTok food trends. According to Magnet, the #TikTokFood hashtag was viewed over 43 billion times that year, and cloud bread, whipped coffee, and pancake cereal made the top of the trends list. But while it may have not been one of the most viewed trends, a list of viral foods from that year would be incomplete without air fryer pasta chips. In July 2021, Insider reported that the #pastachips hashtag garnered more than 300 million views on the social media app — and it's easy to see why. 

Not only are air fryer pasta chips a delicious crunchy snack, but they couldn't be easier to make and require only a few ingredients. Since they go in the air fryer and aren't completely soaked in oil, they may be less likely to put you at risk for heart failure, stroke, and coronary artery disease the way traditionally deep-fried foods like potato chips may (via GoodRx Health). And the best part? They're a perfect way to use up your leftover pasta and reduce food waste in general.

Let's find out how to make them.

Pasta chips only take 10 minutes in the air fryer

If you have leftover pasta in the box after cooking a meal and don't know how to use it up, try whipping up this quick snack in the air fryer. Start off by cooking and draining your pasta how you normally would. Then, mix your soft noodles with a little oil to make sure they get crunchy in the air fryer, along with any seasonings or additional flavorings you'd like — you can try herbs, lemon juice, spices, parmesan cheese, or salt and pepper. Finally, throw your coated pasta in the air fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, making sure to toss them about five minutes in. Your pasta chips should emerge from the air fryer crisp, golden, and full of savory goodness.

To take your pasta chips to the next level, or to serve them to guests, try pairing them with a dip. You can really use your imagination to decide what dip to go with, but try using your favorite dip — such as a creamy whipped feta dip made with feta cheese, Greek yogurt, garlic, and olive oil — for potato chips as inspiration. You could also try ranch, sour cream, or a green goddess sauce. Or, stick with sauces meant for pasta, and serve your chips with a bowl of marinara or pesto.