Yes, You Can Add Meat To Smoothies – But Should You?

If you're a fan of healthy smoothies, whether for busy mornings or post-workout, you likely have a favorite protein powder you throw into your mixture each day. Whether it's peanut butter, birthday cake, or coconut flavored, adding protein powder is an easy way to get in the essential macronutrient.

Adding protein to your smoothies is great for your health, will have you getting fuller faster, and is good for muscle recovery after going to the gym. And if powdered mixes aren't your thing, an added scoop of greek yogurt or eggs can provide your dose of protein for the day. However, you may not have thought of, what in other circumstances, is the obvious choice for protein, meat. But this ingredient may just change your morning routine forever. 

While you may feel skeptical or that this would put you in the camp of those who eat raw eggs to start their day alongside a glass of bone broth, meaty smoothies are a fun (if admittedly weird) alternative to the traditional powders, and you don't have to be a bodybuilder to consider it. 

What type of meat would you add?

Before you start envisioning thick smoothies that taste like liquified steak, we should clarify something. A smoothie with meat added to it, doesn't necessarily mean that it's meat flavored. In fact, depending on the type of meat you use, how much meat, and the other ingredients added in, you may not be able to even taste the meat at all.

Meat smoothies have gained popularity in recent years not only for their protein benefits, but for their customizability. You can toss in any portion of (cooked or otherwise safe to eat) beef, lamb, pork, or chicken as either a main ingredient to make a savory smoothie or just a little bit paired with your regular fruit and veggie lineup.

Even adding the popular bone broth in place of whole meat is a great option. New York City bone broth shop Brodo sells savory chicken bone broth fruit smoothies, which besides being rich in protein and collagen, have a neutral taste that has won over plenty of skeptics.

While you're free to create and experiment with your own at-home concoctions, we recommend adding your meat or bone broth of choice to our sweet potato smoothie for a well-balanced taste and filling meal. While this unexpected smoothie ingredient is definitely not for everyone, it may be fun to test out for those who like trying unusual food combinations or are looking for creative ways to add protein to their diet.