Why You Should Pair Whole Wheat Pasta With Bold Ingredients

Eating a bowl of pasta for lunch or dinner can feel like a satisfying and comforting indulgence. While noodles made from semolina flour is the traditional favorite amongst most Italian recipes and pasta lovers alike, there's something to be said for using whole wheat pasta. But, if you've ever cooked or eaten these types of noodles, then you know it's a bit different than the white version.

Just as whole wheat bread has a higher nutritional value than white bread, there are a few health benefits associated with eating whole wheat pasta. Those include having increased nutrients like iron, a higher fiber content, and B vitamins, per Livestrong. Beyond the nutritional benefits, whole wheat noodles have a nutty flavor that is all its own. While many can appreciate the stronger flavor of whole wheat pasta, not every sauce will complement or even hold up against it, that's why it's best to combine bolder ingredients with this style of dish.

The perfect ingredients for whole wheat pasta

So, what's the definition of a bold ingredient? When it comes to pasta sauces, think in terms of ingredients that have a distinct taste. While those flavors may be delicious, they can sometimes overpower the milder flavor of white noodles. However, they can complement wheat pasta's nutty, stronger flavor perfectly. Some of the best ingredients to try include saltier additions such as capers, olives, or anchovies, and they work well with a simple olive oil or butter sauce. 

If you love a good tomato sauce on your pasta, don't worry, red sauces can work with whole wheat noodles, but again, it's best to choose sauces that have some bolder elements included. Opt for a puttanesca, which gets its salty taste from the addition of olives, anchovies, or both. Or try tossing your whole wheat pasta in something spicy, such as an arrabbiata sauce. The next time you make whole wheat noodles, don't be afraid to add bolder elements and notice how they can add an even greater depth of flavor to your meal.