The Basic Gadget Martha Stewart Uses To Peel Garlic Fast

Peeling cloves of garlic is a pain. Those paper-thin skins can be difficult to remove especially if you don't have any length to your fingernails. Let's face it, when it comes to this bulbous ingredient that is related to the lily family, we could all use some tricks for peeling garlic like a pro. After all, garlic is an essential ingredient for everything from garlic bread to Italian dishes to creating an aromatic element for many a recipe. Its pungent and spicy odor is so distinctive, it can linger on your hands days after you cook or consume it if you don't use the stainless steel trick to eliminate it.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to simplify peeling a head of garlic. Chrissy Teigen is a fan of using a microwave hack and Ina Garten likes to blanch her garlic to remove the skins. But if you are a fan of kitchen tools, you may want to check out the garlic peeling gadget that Martha Stewart swears by. It's a rather basic tool, but Stewart says you can peel those garlic cloves quickly and effectively.

Silicone garlic peeler

While standing in front of a large pile of peeled garlic for making a yummy garlic confit, Stewart revealed in a video on TikTok that when she has a lot of garlic to peel, she breaks out her silicone garlic peeler. What is interesting about this contraption is how simple it is. It's nothing more than a hollow tube made of silicone. The domestic goddess places a single garlic clove in the center of the tube, after cutting off the brown tip (if there is one), and with her palm, firmly presses down and rolls it back and forth. At the end of the process, Stewart shows viewers a perfectly peeled clove of garlic. Martha loves this tool so much, she sells one as part of her cookware line.

If you need to peel a lot of garlic quickly, as Stewart revealed on "The Martha Stewart Show," take two bowls of equal size and place the garlic head in one and put the other tightly inside of it. Next, after turning over the top bowl, shake vigorously, and voila, all the garlic is perfectly peeled.