The Sugar Tip For Crispy, Restaurant-Worthy Salmon Skin

Cooking salmon is a great dinnertime option for busy schedules and healthy diets. Salmon is a fish full of nutrients and essential minerals, and it can be cooked in no time. There are plenty of ways to cook juicy salmon, whether you prefer an oven-baked salmon florentine or enjoy an easy go-to honey-glazed salmon. Even making salmon burgers or tacos are great options for those that avoid beef patties or other meat. However, if you typically stick to pan-searing your fish, you may have found it difficult to achieve that perfect crispy skin.

In your search for that desirably crunchy crust, you may have already discovered the importance of using plenty of oil and drying out your fish's skin beforehand. Lots of oil ensures the stovetop's heat is evenly spread over the surface of the salmon (frying it better) and dry skin crisps up quicker and better. However, if you're still struggling after utilizing these steps, there's one more trick you should try.

Brining the skin gives helps it crisp

If you're planning on making a tasty salmon dish that involves searing on your stovetop, there's an easy trick that will guarantee a crispy skin, and it comes from the mind of Chef Emma Bengtsson, the Executive Chef at Michelin-Star-awarded Aquavit.

According to Food Network, Chef Emma Bengtsson always prepares her salmon ahead of time by rubbing it with an equal mixture of salt and sugar. Once this simple combination is applied, the fish is chilled in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Bengtsson then runs the fish underwater, removing all the salt and sugar before returning the salmon to the fridge (skin-side up) to chill overnight and dry out the skin.

The next day, the fish can finally be seared (skin-side down) and can optionally be oven baked afterward. While this back-and-forth dance in and out of the fridge is more work than many at-home cooks prefer and certainly requires advanced planning, it is definitely a low-maintenance way to achieve the elusive crispy-crusted salmon that many are trying to achieve.