Coffee Filters Can Line Your Cake Pan In A Pinch

Baking a cake is a wonderful way to show off your kitchen skills and create a sweet treat that's perfect for any occasion. From birthdays to holidays, you can't go wrong with a freshly baked cake. But before you take that first delicious bite or even adorn your creation in frosting and sprinkles, you have to make sure your cake will come out of the pan perfectly.

While butter, cooking spray, and flour are helpful in preventing sticking, parchment paper is the gold standard for lining cake pans. It provides bakers with an easy-to-use and heat-resistant, non-stick surface that helps your cake slide right out of the pan. Unfortunately, parchment paper is also an easily overlooked item, which means you often don't notice that you've run out of it until your cake batter is prepared and ready to go in the pan. If you're preparing your next great cake and you realize there's no parchment paper left in your pantry, there might not be a reason to run out to the store, especially if you have a big coffee drinker in your household. Coffee filters serve as an excellent alternative to parchment paper, saving your cakes and even your wallet.

Coffee filters are quick, easy, and perfectly sized

To use a coffee filter as a substitute for parchment paper, start by flattening out a standard coffee filter (the size for eight to 12 cups of coffee) to fit the bottom of your 9-inch round cake pan, which is the most commonly used size for American bakers. For smaller pans, you can simply cut the coffee filter down to size. Once your coffee filter is fitted, just like with parchment paper, you can ensure your filter stays in place by spritzing it with cooking spray before adding your batter.

Coffee filters further prove they're the ultimate substitute for parchment paper. They work just as well and they're often more affordable and available in bulk at convenience stores. Parchment paper can be a bit expensive, especially if you're someone who bakes a lot, so a cheaper alternative is always welcome. So next time you've found your pantry void of parchment paper, reach for the coffee filters and save your cake. In the meantime, check out these tips for more things to do with extra coffee filters.