The Ingredient Gordon Ramsay Recommends For Next-Level Tuna Salad - Exclusive

This will not come as the great culinary shock of the 21st century: Gordon Ramsay's tuna salad is not smothered in mayo and loaded with dijon mustard. That would possibly be too conventional for him — and woe to the "Hell's Kitchen" contestant who attempts such a vanilla version of the dish. To satisfy Ramsay's taste buds, you'd have to step it up a notch. As the chef exclusively revealed to Tasting Table, his ideal tuna salad includes "lightly seared" ahi tuna combined with French green bean salad. (You didn't really think he was going to endorse celery, did you?)

Those of you with a discerning eye may have noted that Ramsay's go-to tuna salad falls solidly in the salade niçoise territory. That's not a mind-blowing plot twist, either. Think of it as a nod to the celebrated chef's French tutelage in kitchens run by legends Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon. Here's the surprise ending: To elevate his tuna salad, Ramsay told Tasting Table that he would forgo chicken eggs altogether.

Gordon Ramsay's elevated tuna salad is topped by this opulent ingredient

If Gordon Ramsay's tuna salad isn't easy to pull off, that's thanks to his chicken egg replacement. "I would get a beautiful quail egg [and] lightly poach them," he told Tasting Table in our recent exclusive interview. But why, we asked, does quail egg make a difference? Turns out, it's all about the effort for Ramsay. "First of all, [quail eggs are] a pain in the ass to peel," the Michelin-starred chef quipped. "Anything that's difficult to get a hold of is worth enjoying and eating 10 times more."

The aesthetics of quail eggs are also appealing to Ramsay. To that end, the quail egg should be runny in the middle. "Providing that yolk is runny, aesthetically, [the salad would be] good enough to sit on the front cover of a foodie magazine," Ramsay rhapsodized. He suggests making tuna niçoise to sit on top of "wholesomely delicious Triscuit biscuits" in canapé form, and assured us that a "quail egg cut in half sits beautifully."

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