The Flavorful Sauce Martha Stewart Uses To Top Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup is a classic recipe that's hard to resist — especially if it comes with endless soup or breadsticks. No matter if you are ordering a nice, warm soup from your favorite restaurant or making a big batch at home, you might wonder if there's a way to amp up the flavor. Fortunately, the all-knowing home cook and entertainment brand, Martha Stewart, has a tip for doing just that. 

In a recent Instagram post, Stewart's brand wrote, "minestrone means 'big soup" in Italian, and you'll find different versions of this hearty vegetable soup all over Italy. Martha's is packed with cannellini beans, carrots, leeks, green beans, savoy cabbage, and Tuscan kale." Of course, all of those vegetables pack lots of flavor on their own, and each of the vegetables can start to lose the brightness of fresh vegetables after slowly cooking and stewing together. Though the post explained that Stewart herself adds prosciutto ends to the soup as it cooks to add another layer of complexity, she has another trick for adding crisp, bright flavors back into the soup.

Top minestrone soup with homemade pesto

To liven up minestrone, the Martha Stewart post suggested not one, but two toppings. Though parmesan cheese is a common go-to for all kinds of Italian dishes, including this soup, the brand wrote, "our founder uses a homemade pesto—the fragrant basil sauce is a welcome addition." And, of course, Stewart's suggestion is just the thing minestrone could use. 

The pesto adds a fresh, herbaceous note to the vegetable-based soup that complements the flavors of the many vegetables perfectly. But the herbs also contribute to the fresh flavors you are likely missing in the soup. Pest beautifully showcases the versatility of fresh herbs like basil too. The additional fats, olive oil, and parmesan in the fresh sauce also adds richness to the soup.

Not only does pesto enhance the flavors of minestrone soup, but it also elevates the dish to something truly special. So, the next time you are hoping to dress up your favorite minestrone soup, reach for the homemade pesto.