The UK Restaurant Chain That Changes Its Theme Every Six Weeks

Though changing a menu every six weeks may sound like a lot of work, for one UK-based restaurant, it's the standard. Chef and owner Nico Simeone is the brains behind the experience, having been fueled by his own experiences in Michelin-rated establishments and wanting to bring the novelty of tasting menus to a wider audience.

On LinkedIn, Simeone explains he was inspired by his Italian family's love for food, and recognitions such as Young Scottish Seafood Chef of the Year further encouraged his culinary proclivities. Simeone's first entrepreneurial endeavor "111 by Nico" (which is now named 111 by Modou, one of the first chefs associated with the project) provided a fine-dining experience while also giving young adults the experience to work alongside Simeone in the kitchen and receive mentorship. The rewarding endeavor only heightened Simeone's drive to make tasting menus accessible to all. With Six by Nico, he has not only succeeded in this mission but is keeping guests coming back for more. 

A menu that keeps diners curious

"Nico's genius in coming up with the concept of fixed-price, six-course tasting menus that change every six weeks has struck a resounding chord with the dining public," Sixco's Group Chairman Rob Wirszycz told Glasgow World. The thematic concepts of Six by Nico often focus upon a particular place or idea. For instance, Tokyo provided inspiration for an experience, as Simeone's team found culinary inspiration after travels throughout the city. Menus are announced only a few weeks before the launch of new six-course menus.

Another theme, that of Neverland, offered an imaginative, whimsical collection of dishes, starting with the first course, "Use your Imagination," a playful take on pepperoni pizza, and moving to the fifth course "Food Fight," a confit chicken ballotine served with piperade, red pepper romesco sauce, saffron emulsion, and tarragon salsa verde. 

Sicily and New York have also been featured themes, along with the Mad Hatter's tea party and British picnics. For each tasting menu, a vegetarian substitute is offered, along with an assortment of wines, spirits, and soft drinks from Franklin & Sons to keep palates moist.

When change is good

First opened in Glasgow, Six by Nico can now be found throughout the UK. "We have quickly built an enthusiastic base of repeat customers in Glasgow, as well as an incredibly loyal customer base," Simeone told The Scotsman. And, according to Glasgow World, Simeone's team has landed nearly $14 million dollars in funding for additional expansions, including locations in Dubai and four new UK establishments on top of the 13 restaurants already serving diners in Ireland and the UK.

"The plans we have developed to extend our network and broaden our offering in the UK and overseas are enormously exciting. We've done our homework and are confident we'll continue to deliver on our ethos of bringing incredible value for money and great food and drink experiences, that we believe gives us a level of resilience at a tough time for the sector more generally," Wirszycz told Glasgow World. 

We can only to wait to see what Six by Nico's future tasting menu concepts will be.