The Best Days To Shop At Costco If You're After The Free Samples

Chocolate, cheese, and everything in between, samples are a quintessential part of the Costco shopping experience. Like a multi-course amuse-bouche, these bite-size offerings are just one of the many perks of being a loyal Costco member. However, unless you're a seasoned pro, you might have yet to crack the code as to which days rank superior for free samples. Fortunately, we've figured it out for you.

Providing an opportunity not only to replenish as you peruse the warehouse's many aisles, these freebies serve a purpose. They allow shoppers to taste test before buying, which can be especially useful given that products are sold in bulk quantities. Benefiting the buyer but also the retailer, American Genius shares that studies have shown Costco's sampling tactic actually triggers an instinct of reciprocity and societal pressure to shop — not to mention that it sparks craving that consumers didn't even know they had.

Since there is no rule as to just how many pieces of pepperoni, morsels of muffin, or sips of soda you can indulge in, the sky really is the limit. As for maximizing your sample selection, there is a certain time of the week when you can expect the most variety.

Weekends for the win

During any trip to Costco, it's a surefire guarantee that you'll have the chance to nibble on various bits and bites. That is, unless you visit right before closing when samples have been mostly depleted and workers are starting to tear down their stands. Rather than risk going home on an empty stomach, there is an ideal time to visit the retailer — and spoiler, it's not during the week.

Although weekdays are definitely lighter traffic days, which means you'll be less likely to compete for a sample in a sea of strangers, variety can be a touch scarce. Instead, for the greatest quantity and selection of free samples, weekends remain the undefeated champ. Thanks to an increased number of shoppers starting Thursday and lasting all the way through Sunday, it's common to see more manufacturers scattered throughout the store, equating to more snacking potential for you.

The next question is whether or not there's a sweet spot in regards to timing. If you don't mind dealing with crowds and commotion, pop by anytime between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. as that's when most workers are out on the floor distributing goodies. What else is there to say except see you at Costco?