Why Dates And Goat Cheese Are A Match Made In Heaven

When it's Saturday night, friends are coming over, and you need a quick appetizer to impress, go beyond the standard charcuterie board and grab two things at the grocery store: goat cheese and dates.

The first time you experience goat cheese, you might notice an earthy or almost pungent smell, just as you do with many cheeses. The flavor of goat cheese is tangy, and the creamy texture makes it fabulous for spreading on bread and crackers or, in this case, pairing it with dates. And the really good news is that goat cheese is full of protein and vitamins, so go ahead and bring more of it into your life. 

Dates had a bit of a revival when charcuterie boards made waves and continue to do so. Today, at many restaurants, you'll find dates served as an appetizer, usually wrapped in bacon or served with creamy goat cheese. It may sound like an odd combination, but pairing dates and goat cheese together is pure heaven.

Dates and goat cheese belong together

Dates are a sweet fruit that sort of look like giant raisins. If you've never eaten one, they have one pit inside, like a peach does. The chewy, sweet fruit is usually 1 to 3 inches long, and the pits are easily removed, making the date a quick and healthy snack.

Just like peanut butter and jelly, dates and goat cheese should have formed a friendship centuries ago. Tart and tangy goat cheese needs a sweet sidekick to complement it, and dates do an exceptional job. When you put together the sweetness of the date with goat cheese, you've got the easiest snack or appetizer that bursts with flavor.

To make your own date and goat cheese treat, simply remove the pits from your dates or purchase them pitted and fill each date with a dollop of goat cheese. You can also just put dates and soft goat cheese on one board or plate to encourage guests to eat them together. In addition, if you prefer sweet and savory together, wrap your goat cheese-stuffed dates with pieces of cooked bacon. Salty, sweet, with a creamy cheese center — good luck putting them down.