The Pungent Ingredient That May Be Thinning Out Your Egg Salad

Egg salad is a classic and universally loved dish, whether spread on toast, enjoyed in a sandwich, or eaten straight from the bowl. The creamy texture of the hard-boiled eggs is beautifully intertwined with the mayonnaise and mustard, making a flavorful combination that often invites the complementary tastes of various other additions. Among the popular ingredients meant to elevate an egg salad are onions.

Though onions carry a sharp aroma, they also impart a delicious flavor to recipes that could otherwise fall on the blander side. Unfortunately, onions also carry the potential for runny egg salad. The high water content found in onions may be to blame for the devastating effects it can have on your dish. Slowly but surely, the onions release their water into the egg salad, thinning it out and making for a less appetizing final presentation. But don't let this news about onions make you cry. You can remedy the sogginess from the onions and still end up with the perfectly textured egg salad.

Onions have layers: flavor and added moisture

If you don't want to part with that delicious added layer of flavor, there are a few adjustments that can save your meal. Choosing a different variety of onions, like swapping in scallions or chives, could ultimately reduce the amount of water in your dish. Additionally, you might try sauteeing your onions before adding them to your egg salad. The caramelization will not only deepen the flavor of the onions but will also remove some of their excess water content. Another option, which is especially in line with an egg salad sandwich, is to add finely pulsed breadcrumbs to the mix. The breadcrumbs won't alter the flavor, but they will help absorb some of the extra liquid from the onions.

If you still can't seem to beat the thinned-out egg salad, you should investigate the other ingredients to see how they're affecting your dish's moisture levels. Overcooking your hard-boiled eggs can often lead to a watery egg salad. Another repeat offender is the use of low-fat mayonnaise instead of a thicker variety.

As any egg salad lover knows, details matter when vying for the perfect taste and texture, and water content is not a detail to overlook. However, with a few simple adjustments, you can count on a delicious, creamy egg salad every time without sacrificing the added flavor of your beloved onions.