The 1-Ingredient Dry Rub To For Perfect Crust On A Steak

There are a wealth of benefits that come from eating a plant-based diet... but sometimes you just need a steak. There are numerous cuts of steak to choose from more affordable cuts like skirt steak, flank steak, and flat iron steak all the way to more prime cuts like a New York strip, ribeye, or filet. Regardless of which cut you choose, all steaks have unique flavors inherent in the meat itself, especially when they have good marbling or are aged. 

While more mild flavored meats like chicken and turkey really benefit from complex seasonings and sauces to amp up their flavor, all you really need for a good steak is a simple seasoning, and a hot pan or open flame. The seasonings will help tenderize the meat and bring out its natural flavors. But how simple can you get with the seasoning? What if you don't have hardly any ingredients for a steak rub at all? It turns out that less is more and for a flavorful steak, one ingredient will do it!

Keep it simple with black pepper

One of the most desirable characteristics of a well-cooked steak is a good crust on the meat. With thicker-cut steaks like a filet mignon, or a ribeye, it's particularly appetizing to have a nice crust on the outside juxtaposed against the tender inside of the steak. If you're working with a thinner steak like a skirt steak, the crispier edges pair well with the tender inside of the meat. 

If you're looking to get a great crust on your steak, but your spice rack is a bit empty, don't worry. Surprisingly, the only ingredient you'll need to achieve that desirable crust is black pepper. Take a few teaspoons of ground black pepper and rub it into the outside of your steak before cooking. The pepper highlights the steak's natural flavors and helps create that crust you're looking for. 

If you can procure some salt, even better! While many fancy steak rubs include smoked paprika, garlic powder, or onion powder, a simple rub of salt and pepper will get the job done just fine. Keep it simple and your steak dinner won't disappoint.