Use Gooseberries To Make Chutney That's The Perfect Balance Of Sweet

If you're a lover of Indian food, you've likely had at least a couple of helpings of the savory and super flavorful condiment known as chutney. However, if you've never enjoyed this deliciously complex mixture over freshly-made steaming rice or atop warm naan, let us help you get acquainted. There are dozens of century-old chutney recipes out there, each sauce made by combining various fruits and vegetables with vinegar, sugar, and spices. From red onion to carrot and ginger to green chutney, one will likely suit your palate's preferences.

While many popular chutneys are made with savory and robust ingredients, anything from tomatoes to olives to different herbs, chutneys can also be made sweet and spicy to your liking. The famed spicy mango chutney is a classic creative spin adored for its sweet and tangy flavor profile. Made with juicy mangos, spicy chilies, earthy garam masala, and a bit of sugar, there's little not to love.

However, the next time you're whipping up a sweet chutney recipe, you may want to make it with gooseberries instead.

Gooseberries provide a sweet and tart flavor for a creative chutney

Gooseberries are typically found to be small and round and have slightly translucent skin. They come in many colors, from red to green to yellow. And while much smaller in size, they can be compared to the flavor of a grape. Although, gooseberries can be a bit tarter in taste.

There are several varieties of gooseberries, with the two main types hailing from the U.S. and Europe. These are typically larger in size with more robust flavor and can vary from extremely sweet or sour. However, there are gooseberries native to India, often called amla, that are more bitter in taste and take on a light green color. Any of these gooseberries can be used in a fresh gooseberry chutney, although we recommend using what is most easily available in your area.

The reason gooseberries are so good when made into chutney is the combination of contrasting flavors that can be created in this dish. Naturally a bit tart, gooseberries will pair well when infused with sweet sugar, sharp vinegar, and other spices of choice, like bay leaves or coriander.

Similarly, gooseberries have a natural abundance of pectin, which helps bind the final chutney dish and gives it a pleasantly thick and spreadable consistency. Once prepared, it makes a perfect accompaniment with salty country ham or your choice of meat for a balanced and full-flavored treat. But it doesn't have to stop there — this versatile topping can be paired with anything from your favorite cheese to being spread over warm toast.