Impossible Foods Introduces A Trio Of New Plant-Based Chicken Options

According to a press release, Impossible Foods is deemed the category leader for plant-based meats, touting "record sales in 2022," however, the plant-based meat industry has struggled a bit to find its footing in converting carnivores to choosing meats that don't come from animals. Recently, Impossible Foods joined its most visible competitor, Beyond Meat, in announcing layoffs due to challenging economic conditions and a slump in sales of meat alternatives.

When Insider forecasted the fast food trends for 2023, it identified chicken sandwiches as one of the options we're likely to see, and Impossible Foods appears to be looking to capitalize on that trend. Insider specifically mentioned variations of the fried chicken sandwich, like blackened chicken or spicy chicken, citing a drop in chicken prices that's sure to be welcomed by consumers seeking relief from the overall high food prices we find at restaurants and grocery stores. Impossible Foods just announced three new plant-based chicken offerings that will excite those of us who are craving a chicken sandwich that spares the bird.

Impossible Foods offers spicy and regular chicken alternatives

Impossible Foods is introducing three new meatless chicken options: Impossible Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Impossible Spicy Chicken Patties, and Impossible Chicken Tenders, all of which provide 10 to 12 grams of protein per serving and significantly lower levels of fat and saturated fat than non-plant-based chicken. In addition to the health benefits of plant-based chicken, Impossible Foods also points out that its chicken products use less water and less land and produce fewer greenhouse gases than the meat you would get from chickens.

With a custom blend of spices aimed to appeal to consumers who like heat but also desire to limit the environmental impact of their food choices, Impossible Foods looks to become part of the growing trend: People love bold flavors in chicken.

The new Impossible Foods chicken options will be available in the freezer section at select grocery locations starting this month and will be rolled out nationally over the coming months. And if you want to get a taste, a number of restaurants in select locations already serve Impossible Chicken Tenders, including WNB Factory and Honeybee Burger.