Can Eating Raw Corn Make You Sick?

Corn is a summer staple that we never recommend passing up. The versatile crop has a fantastic sweet taste, and it's perfect to pair with a variety of recipes or eaten alone. Like many other vegetables, corn is considered very healthy, and many prefer it to more bitter ones when looking for healthy food options. Corn is great to snack on or enjoy with meals, as it is packed with fiber and lots of essential vitamins and minerals, including high amounts of vitamin C.

From a classic grilled or roasted corn-on-the-cob slathered in warm butter to adding it to corn soup or fresh corn bread, there's seemingly endless ways to enjoy this tasty veggie. Even adding grilled corn in a fresh summer salad is hard to pass on even for self-proclaimed salad haters. However, if you're looking for an even healthier — and possibly tastier — way to enjoy corn, you may want to consider eating it raw.

Raw corn is used in lots of recipes

We have good news for all corn lovers out there: eating raw corn will definitely not make you sick. While many may consider raw corn less tasty than its cooked counterpart, there are plenty of enjoyable ways to eat it. And, it may even be preferable to your grilled corn-on-the-cob or freshly steamed bowl of corn. One of the main appeals to eating corn raw is to enjoy the naturally sweet flavor that comes with it being freshly ripened. The juicy kernels can be enjoyed in a variety of meals, and many recipes call for specifically using raw corn.

Whether you're adding recently shucked corn into a salad or making a fresh batch of salsa, consider tossing in uncooked kernels for a fresher taste and slightly different flavor. You can even bite into raw corn on the cob if it suits you. Feel free to add dressings that you usually would, like butter or salt. Another reason to try out raw corn is it's a slightly healthier option, and has more of its natural nutrients before being cooked. So, for all the lazy chefs out there or veggie lovers looking for something a little different, try eating raw corn for yourself to see if it will be a long-term time saver in your kitchen.