The Easy Method To Add Extra Flavor To Smoked Short Ribs

Smoking short ribs is one of the best ways to get juicy, fall-off-the-bone goodness for any meal. Short ribs are meaty, often between three and six inches in length, and muscly, which can make them a tougher cut. They benefit from the slower smoking process, especially when done well. Though many add spices to them, their overall flavor is great on its own, no matter how you cook short ribs.

If you've purchased a smoker and picked up the ideal short ribs from the butcher, you may think you're ready to go. Some people love to pack on a dry rub, or use a wet sauce before and during smoking. Others keep things simple with just salt and pepper. Whatever method you feel is best, there is one additional step you can take to ensure you get a truly flavorful meal with the perfect level of smokey richness. It's easier than you think, and doesn't even require a lot of basting or time spent watching over the process.

Choose the right fruitwood

Today, you can use a wide range of materials to create the all-important smoke to cook the meat gently over time. However, being a bit more particular can be very helpful in improving flavor quality and imparting just a hint of depth. Often, people choose a wood like mesquite, which has a strong, almost earthly flavor, or they choose hickory, which also has a more noticeable, intense flavor.

One way to do this is to use fruitwood instead of pellets or other types of wood. Fruitwood from any type of fruit tree can work well, especially apple, pear, cherry, or, for something a bit different, consider peach. There are subtle differences in the flavor profile that are well worth using. What's more, though, unlike other types of hardwoods you may be using, the flavor from fruitwood is a backdrop, not one that will overtake the beefy flavor of your short ribs. Instead, you'll enjoy a more well-rounded, somewhat sweet flavor from these fruitwoods.