The Extra Step That's Worth The Effort To Ensure Crispy Waffles

Eating a waffle at home can be as simple as popping a store-bought frozen waffle into the toaster, but while easy, this method will lack the flavor and texture of a homemade version. With only a few ingredients, a little time, and an inexpensive waffle maker, a delicious waffle can be made in the kitchen. While waffle toppings often get all the attention, from maple syrup to fresh fruit and whipping cream, the batter and cooking technique mustn't get overlooked. A perfect waffle should be full of flavor and fluffy on the inside, while crispy golden brown on the outside.

However, if you are making multiple waffles to feed a group, it may seem like by the time the serving platter is loaded with a big stack, the first ones removed from the maker have become soggy. The answer isn't in buying multiple waffle makers. In fact, you already have the tool in your kitchen to keep the waffles golden and crispy until ready to be served.

Finish waffles in the oven

The key to keeping your waffles crispy once removed from the maker can be found in your oven. Simply, transfer the waffles to an oven that had been preheated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. By placing the waffles in the oven after being cooked on the waffle iron, they will end up crispier, because the oven is able to remove the moisture from the batter that the waffle maker could not. There's no need to even use a cooking sheet: just place the crispy waffles on the oven rack or wire rack. If placed on a sheet, the heat will not be able to move around the waffles and they will still go soggy. 

How you place the waffles on the rack also matters. Do not stack them, or they are at risk of losing any crispiness they have achieved. Stacking them doesn't allow for the air to circulate around, and then the trapped moisture could lead to soggy or rubbery waffles. The weight of the waffles will compress them and result in heavier waffles that no longer have a fluffy interior. Covering them with foil will also inhibit their ability to stay crisp by locking in the moisture. Placing the waffles in the oven is a handy tool even if not needing to keep them warm, because the oven acts as a finisher and the waffles' texture will get crispier and stay that way longer.