Swap Your Sweetener For Canned Peaches In Your Next Cocktail

When you're at home making drinks for yourself and your guests, it might seem risky to start experimenting. But trust us, canned peaches can help take some of your most trusted drink recipes to new heights with a quick, easy swap. 

From blending peach margaritas to pouring fresh peach Bellini cocktails, peaches may soon become the new ingredient your home bar can't exist without. Peaches can be muddled, blended, or stirred easily into drink recipes. While fresh peaches typically offer the best flavor and texture, frozen and canned peaches can also be successfully stirred into glasses.

Not quite sure about adding peach to your drink? We have a few recipes to help convert you. Our Peach-Tomatillo Michelada Recipe — a creative take on the classic Mexican recipe made up of beer, lime, and tomato juice — tops a base made of peach purée, tomatillo juice, and smoky mescal with your favorite IPA to deliver a cocktail worthy of sipping year-round. For a more unique flavor combination, whip up a batch of Peach Jalapeño Sangria, a tantalizing pairing of spicy jalapeño and the sweet stone fruit. These mixes may seem unique, but peach salsa is a hit for good reason.

Just the right amount of sweet

If using frozen peaches in boozy concoctions, be sure to first defrost the fruit, so your cocktails aren't watered once the pieces thaw in your drink. Canned peaches may carry more sweetness if they've been packed in syrup, so decide if it is better to drain the peaches before using them. If you'd like to keep some of that extra flavor in your libations, use the syrup as a replacement for agave, honey, or simple syrup.

As with any cocktail, particularly when making batch recipes, taste your drinks as you go. Too much peachy sweetness can drown out the subtle nuances of your alcohol and overpower the intended mouthfeel of a spirit; it's always better to add ingredients to sweeten drinks gradually than end up with a glass of much-too-sweet booze. If needed, you can always include your choice of sweetener should your drink call for an additional dialed-up touch of sweetness.