For Single-Serving Focaccia, Break Out Your Mini Loaf Pan

Focaccia is one of Italy's great gifts to the world, having made its way to kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants across the globe. The oil-based flatbread tastes as good as it looks, defined by a spongy, porous texture and perfectly crisped top.

It's simple to make, too. Focaccia consists of flour, yeast, salt, olive oil, and seasoning (often rosemary). Because of its simplicity, Focaccia is one of those foods that lends itself to all kinds of purposes. It works equally well as a vehicle for bacon and eggs as it does on its own. For this reason, Italians often have plain and simple focaccia for breakfast. The bread is filling, delicious, and a savory alternative to the country's other breakfast bread, like croissants and brioche.

If you're making focaccia at home, you can find a multitude of uses for the bread. Hello, mortadella sandwiches. However, making an entire sheet of focaccia may be impractical, especially if you're not baking for a group. So, to minimize waste and prevent a focaccia overload, it may be time to switch up your pans. Mini loaf pans have taken off on TikTok — and for good reason.

Mini loaf pans make single-serving focaccia a breeze

Save your sweet bread and desserts for another pan; use a mini loaf pan for focaccia instead. Making single-serving focaccia in the miniature pan simplifies the baking process and minimizes the necessary ingredients. You don't need multiple cups of flour, a large baking sheet, or a substantial quantity of salt, yeast, oil, and the like. Instead, the most you'll need is a cup of flour — and a bit of patience.

You can make your focaccia in a mini loaf pan as you would any other pan. Just avoid a few common mistakes in baking focaccia; the same rules apply to the process, whether you use a large baking pan or mini loaf pan. For instance, you'll still have to stretch out your focaccia, poke holes in the dough, and, unfortunately, wait for rising and resting. There's no getting around that waiting game, but the focaccia is well worth the effort. Single-serving focaccia means you'll be able to enjoy your bread fresh from the oven every time you make it. Who doesn't prefer their focaccia warm — and already proportioned out?