Roll Your Grilled Cheese For Super Easy Tomato Soup Dipping

Few food combinations are quite as satisfying as grilled cheese and tomato soup. For cold days and quick meals, this steadfast duo is at the ready — a proven straightforward recipe that can be placed with confidence onto the kitchen table. Alas, with all known experiences — food included — repetition can become unappealing and boring. Thankfully, the pairing of grilled cheese and tomato soup never has to suffer a fate of predictability, as cooks around the world have experimented with variations in both recipe and presentation. Even adding a simple condiment like mustard can help flavors pop.

To showcase a bit of your own food creativity, we have the perfect solution to help you convert an expected soup-and-sandwich meal into a whole new interactive and surprising affair. Your sleeves won't be the only items rolled after making this version of the classic favorite, and adults and children alike will be asking for second helpings.

Get ready to roll

Though making grilled cheese roll-ups may look and sound complicated, it isn't — and the results of your labor will produce a meal that is as fun to eat as it is good to savor. One of the best parts of this food combination is the simple act of dipping the grilled cheese into the soup. Plus, the crunch you get from each bite makes that experience even more enjoyable.

After you've prepared your tomato soup recipe, use a rolling pin to flatten bread into malleable pieces about a quarter-inch in thickness (via Delish). Next, place your choice of cheese onto the bread, roll up the cheesy squares, and cook them in butter over medium heat in a nonstick skillet. The aim is for the bread to be golden and the cheese to be oozy and melty: Watch the bread pieces carefully to toast each one to perfection. When served alongside soup, these cheesy dippers may look like special-ordered bread sticks. You can watch with satisfaction as guests delightedly dunk the pieces into their bowls.