How Cheryl Day Transforms Leftover Biscuits Into A Unique Party Snack

Everything's better down south, and biscuits are no exception. Start your morning off with fluffy southern biscuits and a steaming cup of coffee. Or, if you're feeling fancy, pair those biscuits with a side of warm gravy. Outside of the south, biscuits don't get nearly as much attention as they deserve. They're flaky, buttery, and versatile. Plus, they're easy to make — and all the easier to eat.

While biscuits are, of course, a popular breakfast food, there's no rule about eating them in the morning. We won't complain about having them for breakfast, but biscuits work just as well as sandwich bread, dinner side, and standalone roll or snack.

Chef and cookbook author Cheryl Day recommends using biscuits for this very purpose, per Epicurious. Day incorporates leftover biscuits into a tried-and-true party mix, sprucing up pantry staples with something a little more fresh. Her party-themed recipe plays with southern baking traditions and presents a new and exciting snack. 

Use leftover biscuits for a southern-inspired party mix

Move over, Chex Mix. Party mixes — some combination of pretzels, nuts, and cereal — have become relatively formulaic. They typically incorporate all kinds of pantry goodies and occasionally add the likes of chocolate and peanut butter or oyster crackers and saltines. Cheryl Day, however, mixes things up — literally — and throws biscuits into the mix.

Yes, you should hang onto any and all leftover biscuits, not for the morning but for the evening. To get your biscuits party-ready, Day recommends cutting them into cubes and popping them onto a baking tray (via Epicurious). You'll want to bake them for eight to 12 minutes or until they turn a beautifully golden hue. As for other mix-ins? Day's recipe calls for cereal, pretzels, pecans, and sesame seeds. Douse the whole concoction in a spiced, buttery sauce, and bake it one final time.

You'll wind up with a fun party mix that will have everyone passing around the bowl. What better way to use up leftover biscuits than by making an additional meal ... even if that meal is actually a snack?