Michael Symon's Simple Tip For The Perfect Smash Burger - Exclusive

Why eat a regular burger when you can opt for a thinner and tastier version? The smash burger trend is literally a burger that's smashed and seasoned on a hot grill to cook in its own juices. It's been said that the original stand-alone smash burger restaurants became a hit when the famous fast food chain Smashburger was founded in 2007. Yet fast food chains like In-N-Out and Shake Shack have been using a similar technique for as long as their doors have been open.

Since then, the Angus beef burgers have found their way into our hearts, stomachs, and cities. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, celebrity chef Michael Symon revealed the key to the perfect smash burger — among other meat, egg, and vegetable tips. "I love a smash burger. One, you have to smash it more than you think ... You could get aggressive," the Food Network personality said at the Sun Wine & Food Festival.

Grab oiled butcher paper

What's the one thing you're missing — besides being "aggressive" — when pressing down on a smash burger? According to Michael Symon, you need oiled butcher paper. "I always have a smasher, but no matter what you're smashing, you could put a piece of oiled butcher paper in between the smasher and the meat so it doesn't stick," the "Symon's Suppers” host explained. "Then you just peel it off," he added.

Symon also recommended you have the cheese ready to go so you are able to top the smash burger with the dairy product as soon as it is flipped on the griddle. 

It's best to purchase high-fat patties of around 25%, use an ungreased surface, and season the meat generously with salt and pepper. The burgers should be ready pretty fast, only needing a cook time of about a minute with the intense heat. We are on our way to In-N-Out as we type!

For more information about the Sun Wine & Food Fest, visit Mohegan Sun's website. Keep up with Michael Symon's latest projects on his Instagram page.