A Duo Of Fan-Favorite Fish Dishes Are Returning To Popeyes For Lent

Do you observe Lent? This six-week period leading up to Easter is a time of seriousness and devoutness commonly observed by Anglican, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, 2023's Lent kicks off on February 22 and is typically a time of fasting for purification with Christians historically refraining from eating such items as certain meats, eggs, fats, milk, and sugar during the six weeks. David Philippart wrote (via U.S. Catholic) that meat was considered a luxury in early Mediterranean societies due to its rarity. 

While abstaining from meat and other rich foods during Lent, many Christians will up their intake of all kinds of fish and seafood, which, according to the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, is not considered meat from a religious perspective since it is cold-blooded. As a result, restaurants and supermarkets of all stripes tend to run specials on fish and seafood during Lent including Popeyes, a fast food chain normally associated with fried chicken and chicken sandwiches.

Grab either a fried flounder sandwich or some fried shrimp this Lenten season

If you like Southern-style fried chicken, chances are you've set foot inside a Popeyes, the 2,900 locations-strong chain with stores in 49 states. Beloved for items such as its fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, and Cajun-seasoned fries, in 2023, Popeyes is nodding towards those who observe Lent with two special fried fish deals. The first of these is the $4.99 Flounder Fish Sandwich, which was first introduced in 2021. It consists of a marinated then breaded-and-fried flounder filet available in either Classic or Spicy varieties served on a toasted brioche bun with pickle slices and a choice of either tartar sauce or spicy mayo.

If seafood is more your bag, you might opt for the chain's $6 Shrimp Tackle Box. Featuring eight crispy-fried Butterfly Shrimp, the meal includes a side, a hot biscuit, and some tartar sauce for dunking. Folks who aren't abstaining from meat can choose a Surf and Turf box instead, which includes four shrimp plus two chicken tenders. So whether you've given up meat or simply love some delicious fried seafood, Popeyes might be the spot for you this Lenten season.