Creamy Cajun Pasta Recipe

If you are looking for a quick, delicious, one-pot dinner dish, then this creamy cajun pasta recipe is for you. On the table in under 30 minutes, this meal is a great option for anyone with a busy life who doesn't want to compromise on flavor. It's also a relatively cheap way to feed a large group of people; you can easily adapt the quantities of the ingredients to fill any number of hungry tummies around your table.

Cajun seasoning is a great way to add heaps of flavor to any dish, and this pasta dish is no exception. Originating from Louisiana, Cajun seasoning is a delicious blend of smoky, garlicky, and spicy flavorings. If you don't have any Cajun seasoning in the kitchen cupboard, there are plenty of great Cajun seasoning recipes, including this Cajun spice mix recipe.

Although it is a whole meal on its own, recipe developer Jennine Rye tells us that this creamy cajun pasta dish is best served with a fresh green salad and some garlic bread. It can easily be made celiac-friendly with gluten-free pasta, or dairy-free with soya cream, without losing any of its delicious appeal.

Gather the ingredients for this creamy Cajun pasta recipe

To cook this creamy Cajun pasta dish, first you will need to gather your ingredients. You will need olive oil, diced chicken breast, an onion, garlic, a red pepper, Cajun seasoning, a can of chopped tomatoes, chicken stock, dried pasta, lemon juice, whipping cream, and parsley to serve, as well as salt and pepper to taste. You can also top with grated Parmesan cheese, optionally. 

While we use penne pasta to trap as much creamy Cajun sauce as possible, any other short pasta can work just as well. The general rule, according to BBC,  is to pair thick sauces, that include larger ingredients such as chicken chunks, with short, tubular pasta noodles. So, if you can't get your hands on any penne, you can grab a bag of rigatoni, or any other similar-shaped pasta.

Begin to sautée the ingredients

Start this creamy Cajun pasta recipe by heating up the cooking oil in a large, deep pot. When the oil is hot, add the diced chicken breast, and sautée it for 1 or 2 minutes, before adding the sliced onion and sliced red pepper. Continue to sautée everything together for around 5 minutes, until the onion is softened and translucent. Then, add the crushed garlic and the Cajun seasoning to the pan, sautéeing everything together for 1 to 2 minutes or until fragrant.

Cook the pasta, and serve

Once the garlic is fragrant, add the can of chopped tomatoes, chicken stock, and penne pasta, along with salt and pepper to taste. Then, cover the pan with a lid and simmer everything for 8 minutes, or cook according to the package instructions. When the pasta is al dente, add the lemon juice and cream.

Stir everything together, and allow it to cook for 2 minutes before serving immediately with a sprinkling of fresh parsley, and some grated Parmesan, optionally. If you have any leftovers, this creamy Cajun pasta recipe can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Creamy Cajun Pasta Recipe
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Make an easy and filling one-pot pasta dish with this flavorful, creamy Cajun pasta recipe.
Prep Time
Cook Time
pot filled with pasta dish
Total time: 25 minutes
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 pound chicken breast, diced
  • 1 medium onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 red pepper, thinly sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 2 tablespoons Cajun seasoning
  • 1 15-ounce can of chopped tomatoes
  • 2½ cups chicken stock
  • ½ pound penne pasta
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Juice of ½ a lemon
  • ⅔ cup whipping cream
  • Fresh parsley, finely chopped, to serve
Optional Ingredients
  • Grated Parmesan, to serve
  1. Heat up the oil in a large, deep pot over a medium-high heat, then add the chicken, and cook it for 2 minutes.
  2. Reduce the heat slightly to medium, add the sliced onion and sliced red pepper, and sautée for 5 minutes until the onion is translucent and softened.
  3. Add the garlic cloves and the Cajun seasoning, and cook for another 2 minutes.
  4. Toss in the can of chopped tomatoes, chicken stock, penne pasta, and salt and pepper to taste. Cover with a lid, and allow the pasta to cook for 8 minutes, or according to the package instructions.
  5. When the pasta is al dente, add the lemon juice and the whipping cream, and allow everything to cook together for 2 minutes. Serve immediately with a sprinkling of fresh parsley, and optional grated Parmesan.
Calories per Serving 631
Total Fat 25.4 g
Saturated Fat 10.1 g
Trans Fat 0.0 g
Cholesterol 131.5 mg
Total Carbohydrates 60.9 g
Dietary Fiber 6.0 g
Total Sugars 10.5 g
Sodium 1,274.9 mg
Protein 39.7 g
The information shown is Edamam’s estimate based on available ingredients and preparation. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.
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