Serena Williams' Boozy Super Bowl 2023 Ads Prove She's No Snob

Whether you're watching Super Bowl LVII for the game, the Rhianna concert, or the commercials, you might have noticed that Serena Williams is featured in a couple of ads for two different alcohol brands. In one commercial for Rémy Martin cognac, Williams is seen giving a spirited pep talk in a locker room to despondent athletes. Williams also appears in an ad for Michelob ULTRA, where she's seen playing golf against "Succession's" Brian Cox in a Caddyshack parody.

If you've been wondering if there's a connection between the two ads or brands, we'll skip right to the chase — there isn't. This is not a McDonalds-Chipotle type situation, where you'd find two popular sister brands featuring the same celebrity endorsement in their advertisements. Rémy Martin is a high-end cognac, and Michelob ULTRA is a more moderately-priced beer brand. So, the only thing that can be determined from watching both ads is that when it comes to imbibing, Serena Williams just isn't a snob ...

Go high, go low

According to an interview she gave with Bon Appétit in 2013, Williams described herself as a "glass-of-wine girl," but not a "snob," explaining that while she likes good French wines, she's equally open to a less expensive Riesling from the local grocery.

Based on the Super Bowl ads she's featured in, it's safe to assume that Willliams still feels that way, and honestly, it's nice to know that one of the world's most famous and accomplished athletes isn't supercilious about her booze. While some evenings might call for an uber-classy glass of cognac in your glass, some days at a BBQ or by the pool will call for a less expensive option like a cold beer. If it's good enough for the GOAT tennis pro, Serena Williams, it's good enough for all of us.