The Knife Brand Ina Garten Swears By

An artist needs the right paints and brushes to produce a masterpiece; A composer needs an instrument; And every chef needs the right kitchen gadgets to whip-up recipes that keep eaters coming back for seconds. This is why when it comes to chefs and their knives, each one has his or her favorite. According to HuffPost, a chef's knife is one of if not the most important tool in a culinary arsenal. And if you consider all the slicing, dicing, chopping, and peeling you do with a knife, it's easy to understand why it is such a necessity.

However, there are a lot of knives on the market, making it difficult to figure out which knife brands are the best. Bobby Flay told Men's Health, "I probably use my chef's knives more than any other tool in the kitchen." And when he is reaching for this tool, it is generally a Shun knife. Per Today, Anthony Bourdain also had a favorite: the Global G-2 Chef's knife. But when it comes to the knives Ina Garten swears by, it might surprise you to learn it is so popular that several other chefs are in line seconding her recommendation. 

It's German made

According to Kitchn, Ina Garten's go-to knife brand is Wüsthof. The Barefoot Contessa loves her 8-inch and isn't afraid to share. Garten shared, "They're what I use. They're pretty expensive, but they last a lifetime. That's why I say, ask for one as a gift or buy one at a time." The site goes on to explain what makes German-made Wusthof knives so special. To begin with, they are made from high-carbon steel, which is both rust and stain resistant. But they also provide ease when cutting.

To Garten, that ease is just as essential as the knife. She told Food & Wine, "I often use Wüsthofs, but I think there are so many good ones. Because comfort is another factor, not just the blade itself. You want workhorse knives that you just know are going to be great." Per the knife company's blog, Wüsthof knives have been around since 1814. The longevity of this knife maker speaks volumes, as does its fanbase. Hell's Kitchen Recipes shares Gordon Ramsay is also a lover of Wüsthof, and per Kitchn, Ree Drummond is too. Drummond said of this tool, "a good knife is essential in the kitchen and this one's my favorite. It makes my heart go pitter-pat."