Why Chocolate Martinis Should Always Be Shaken, Not Stirred

The chocolate martini is both decadent and glamorous with a Hollywood history that points to its sophistication and fun. As ifood.tv shares, this milkshake-like cocktail was birthed by Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor in 1955 while they were filming the classic movie "Giant" in Texas. The dreamy duo initially used Hershey's syrup, Kahlua, and vodka to create this creamy drink. But since then, the chocolate martini has evolved, leading to several variations, including a nonalcoholic version so anyone who loves chocolate can enjoy its sweet and delish taste.

However, even with the multitude of riffs, there are some distinct aspects of this drink worth noting. When you order-up a martini at a bar, you are generally getting an adult cocktail made with either gin or vodka; However, when it comes to a chocolate martini, this sweet dessert-like drink's recipe sticks with vodka. The Pioneer Woman concurs and shares a recipe that calls for equal ratios of vodka, chocolate liquor, and Baileys Irish cream. 

Once you get past the type of alcohol needed for this drink, the question as to whether it is shaken or stirred may present itself. But don't worry, the answer is rather straightforward. As Kitchn explains, a chocolate martini steals a page from James Bond's playbook. It is always shaken and never stirred.

If you don't shake, your chocolate could sink

Chocolate martinis use some velvety smooth ingredients, but one of them tends to get stuck at the bottom of the glass, specifically the chocolate syrup. For this reason, Kitchn says when you are making this cocktail, you need to break out the cocktail shaker. They share that by shaking this drink, you are not only ensuring the chocolate is perfectly blended with the other ingredients, but you are chilling your martini so it takes on an ice cream effect: cool and delicious.

Bon Appétit says when you shake a martini, you are also adding air to the drink, which makes for a foamy and delicate taste on your palate. But if you are ever in doubt about when to shake a cocktail and when not to, they offer a pro tip. Bon Appétit reveals that when you are mixing nonalcoholic ingredients with alcoholic ingredients, you always want to shake your martini. This includes food items like citrus, egg, cream, and you guessed it, chocolate syrup. 

If you are in need of some ideas of what to serve with your chocolate martini, the Pioneer Woman suggests slicing up some cheesecake to eat with it or some brownies of the dark chocolate variety.