Upgrade Your Bowl Of Potato Chips With A Cacio E Pepe Twist

If you're throwing or attending a party or BBQ, then you might be considering upping your snack game. The cold hard truth is that almost everybody loves snacks, so if you're bringing something for your friends or family to munch on, you may want to bring your A-game. While fancy dips like this creamy Buffalo chicken dip, or a rich and decadent cheeseburger dip are sure to impress, sometimes leaning on simple is where it's at, especially if you're short on time. While a bowl of chips at a party is generally going to be enjoyed by someone throughout the duration of the event, that bowl of chips becomes exponentially more exciting when it's topped with something tasty — think nachos. Adding cheese to chips is a tried-and-true recipe for success, but what if you want your bowl of chips to mimic one of the most decadent dishes you might have for dinner?

Cacio e pepe is not just for pasta and pizza

Turns out delicious cacio e pepe is not just for pasta! According to Bon Appétit, you can up-level a simple bowl of potato chips by covering them in grated pecorino Romano, (or in a pinch, grated parmigiano Reggiano) and then adding some ground pepper on top to create cacio e pepe potato chips. Lifehacker notes that the floral notes of the pepper compliment the intense flavor of the cheese in a really harmonious way. This is one of the reasons why cacio e pepe pasta is so popular, even though it's far less complicated than another beloved Roman specialty, pasta carbonara. Simplicity, after all, can be just as flavorful. Lifehacker's suggestion is to top the chips with a very fine grate of cheese, which can be achieved by using a micro plane. This technique will create a soft, fluffy, almost snow-like texture with the cheese. It should be noted that cheese with this texture can dry out quickly so it's wise to serve the chips immediately upon dressing them. Whether it's your party, or someone else's, you can be confident that this snack could steal the show.