The Simple Eggshell Trick Richard Blais Learned From Gordon Ramsay - Exclusive

Oh, to have Gordon Ramsay teach us his best cooking hacks. If he did, we would all be culinary pros! Celebrity chef Richard Blais recalled the time that Ramsay taught him a simple eggshell trick that totally changed his kitchen game. Blais, who also appeared on "Top Chef," judges next to Gordon Ramsay and Nyesha Arrington on Fox's popular "Next Level Chef." Fans are currently awaiting the 2nd season, which is set to air after the Super Bowl on February 12.

During an exclusive sit-down interview with Tasting Table at the Sun Wine & Food Fest, hosted by Mohegan Sun, Blais referred to Ramsay as a "mentor" from whom he learned the simplest cooking tip in the books: "how to crack an egg without getting the shell in the eggs." If you still drop infuriatingly tiny pieces of eggshell into your morning breakfast, then this hack is most definitely meant for you.

Crack the eggs on the table first

"If you don't want shells in your eggs, crack them on the table and then go to the bowl. You will never put a shell in your mixing bowl," Richard Blais explained to Tasting Table. The American chef boasted that he can actually "crack an egg in each hand at the same time," but even that skill still renders some unnecessary shells.

Blais divulged, "I've never shared that tip, and I've never shared that I learned it from Gordon." He laughingly continued, "I've never told Gordon that I learned it from him. I wouldn't, because I compete with him. Now he's going to know." 

If you do use Blais' tip and crack the egg separately from the main mixing bowl but still see some white shards, then there are a few solutions. Business Insider advises that you use half of the broken eggshell to scoop out the extra pieces. You can also wet your fingers, grab the shell, and pull it out of the egg whites. Say it with us: Good riddance to eggshells once and for all!

Season 2 of "Next Level Chef" premieres on Fox on February 12 after the Super Bowl. For more information about the Sun Wine & Food Fest, visit Mohegan Sun's website. Keep up with Richard Blais' latest projects on his Instagram page.