13 Best Bars In Philadelphia To Watch The Super Bowl

We're going to be upfront: Go Birds. Whenever there's a game as big as this Sunday's in Philadelphia, if you're at all familiar with the fanbase here, you know it is anything but boring. Yes, you can have a watch event at home with your friends and family full of Super Bowl party appetizers, beating on pots and pans every time a touchdown happens (as you should), but if you're in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas, there is just something about being in the city to watch the game. The energy is electric, everyone is excited, and (knock on wood) when the Eagles win, the streets will be flooded with people pouring out of the bars to celebrate the huge win.

If you're not sure what bars or places to go to watch the game in Philly, we've got your back. In some of these places, you have to get tickets ahead of time, and others are operating on a first-come-first-serve basis (and others are a mix of the two). We will note, though, that three very popular bars have already run out of space: McGillin's Olde Ale House, Cavanaugh's Rittenhouse, and The Post are all sold-out venues. So it just goes to show that if you're eyeing up one of the places on this list where you can get tickets, get them as soon as possible. 

Xfinity Live!

If you know anything about Philly sports or Philly culture, you know that Xfinity Live! will have a line wrapped around the block and then some for the big game. A gigantic space with multiple bars, dance floors, and other amenities (not all of which apply to the Super Bowl but are fun to know about), Xfinity Live! has been shaking up the Philly sports bar scene since it showed up in town in 2012.

And if you're a super fan, you'll know that the ticket sale for this spot happened a few days ago, and, of course, it sold out. But not to fear — there are resale tickets. You can get these resales on the Xfinity Live! website and they are marked up. But how amazing would it be to be at the biggest sports bar in the city for the big game? There are different levels of tickets you can purchase, such as the luxury Bud Light VIP Viewing Deck package, which includes private outdoor restrooms and a private outdoor bar; the Outside Plaza Only General Admission, which has a DJ to hype up your pregame, fire pits, food trucks, and more; or a discounted Outside Plaza Only General Admission package. Keep checking the website, though, as we're sure more fans will be reselling different packages and ticket options. Also, remember that the outside viewing experience will be extremely cold, and it's a rain-or-shine, no-refunds deal, so do with that what you will.

Barstool Sports Bar

One bite, everyone knows the rules. Potentially the second-most popular spot in town to watch the Super Bowl (Kansas City fans, you will be heckled if you come here) is the Barstool Sports Bar. Yes, the very same Barstool that used to be home to "Call Her Daddy" and is a giant media company producing content on the internet about everything from food to sports and beyond. Yes, that company has a bar in Philly, and it's ridiculously popular.

It's so popular that, at the time of publication, the tables have already sold out. However, not all hope is lost if this is your ride-or-die Super Bowl destination. On the day of the game, general admission will be first-come-first-serve, meaning you should get there as soon as possible. Like, 3 p.m. early. We're not kidding. This place is going to be mobbed but in a fun Philly way. If being right in the thick of it is your cup of tea, this is the place to be. Plus, its location in Center City is ideal for the impromptu parade that's bound to happen (again, knock on wood) when the Birds win, so it won't be necessary to try and catch the Septa when it's crowded with people trying to get to Center City.

Ryan's Pub Manayunk

We know what you're thinking — after the two most popular bars in Philly, why are we throwing in a random bar on this list of best places to watch the Super Bowl? Here us out. Ryan's Pub Manayunk is an absolute hidden gem in, you guessed it, Manayunk, and you will have an amazing time if you watch the game there. It's the perfect spot if you want that camaraderie of cheering (and booing) with fellow Eagles fans about the game, but you're less likely to get your feet stepped on because it's so overcrowded. Ryan's also serves up some pretty tasty appetizers and other bites, so you can have something to eat to soak up all that, ahem, excitement.

This is also a great option if you live in the Manayunk area and don't want to deal with the nightmare of getting from Center City to Manayunk after the game. Also, who doesn't love to support a local business? Try out Ryan's Pub Manayunk, and we promise you won't be disappointed.


On a similar level to spots like McGillian's Olde Ale House and The Post, which are both sold out, Tradesman's is likely to sell out quickly. And we understand why — it's the perfect place to watch the game. The space is huge and can hold a ton of people, which means you can throw your arms up in the air after a touchdown without being afraid you'll knock someone in the face. Plus, the food and atmosphere are also generally excellent.

We're a fan of Tradesman's because you know true Philly fans will be going to this spot to watch the big game. And not only that, but these are some of the best wings around, and they're totally worth coming for alone. So if your friends are dragging you to a different bar to watch the game, definitely come back to Tradesman's another day to have a great dinner. Try the wings, watch the game, and enjoy yourself.

Tinsel Pop-Up Bar

Tinsel Pop-Up Bar is a wild card here, and not because it's a bad spot. The Tinsel Pop-Up Bar in Center City has had a few, shall we say, makeovers since it's been a thing in Philly. We've seen it become "Stranger Things" themed for Halloween, get completely decked out for Christmas and the holiday season, and then after the new year, it usually closes for the season. But not in 2023. This time, Tinsel Pop-Up Bar is staying open for business just for the Birds. How special! And the folks at Tinsel did not mess around with the decorations, either. If you've ever wanted the absolute perfect Super Bowl photo-op but didn't want to make your living room look like the Eagles threw up all over it, you have to check out Tinsel.

Not only will it be a good photo spot to prove to your followers that, yes, you are an Eagles fan and proud of it, but it should be a good spot to watch the game. We will note that it can get a little cramped in there, and there's usually a small cover charge at the door, but the T.V.s are quality, and the vibes will be immaculate. If you're sick of going to your usual sports bar hangouts to watch the game, Tinsel will switch up the experience for you (and plop you right in Center City, just saying).

Tabu Philadelphia

Talk about a place that does it all! Tabu, located in the Gayborhood in the middle of Philadelphia, truly set its sights on attracting a wide variety of people and achieved that goal. With three floors all promising different Super Bowl experiences, it's a great place to bring a group of friends with different football-watching goals. You know what we mean: Some folks lean towards the T.V., want to see every breath the players take, and analyze how that will affect the game. Other people are there for the food and drinks and use the game as an excuse to spend time with their friends. Some people kind of care about football but are just happy that Philly has a winning chance at something this year and care most about the city's pride. Other folks just love the creative Super Bowl commercials. And finally, some people can't believe there's going to be a football game in the middle of a Rhianna concert. What gives?

All of those people will have an amazing time at Tabu, and in a space so inclusive, no one will be judged if they wish to yell at the ref all night or if they want to go upstairs to the dance floor for a little break from the stress of the game. There's also no cover charge at the door and no tickets in advance. Get there early, people.

Chickie's and Pete's

Among the essential food and drinks of Philadelphia, crab fries are truly to die for. The home of this luxury, Chickie's & Pete's, just gets things right. Do you want the perfect, satisfying meal of a burger and amazing seafood snacks? Coming right up. Do you want to sit at a bar, hold your beer, and cry when we get a penalty? Pull up a stool. Do you want the entire establishment on their feet, holding their breaths when that football soars through the air? You got it. Chickie's & Pete's is more than a restaurant for any regular night of the week; it's a sports lover's dream.

And great news for those folks wanting to come here to watch the game: Chickie's & Pete's is offering a "Big Game All-You-Can-Eat Package" that includes a guaranteed seat and entry into the building. This is amazing for those people who prefer to plan ahead and like to get a little something more for their ticket other than a guaranteed entry into the building.

P.J. Whelihan's

South Jersey folks, don't despair. You don't have to take the Patco into the city to watch the Super Bowl unless you really want to. (There's no way you'd even be able to drive into the city anyway; lots of the roads will be blocked off in anticipation of our, knock on wood for the third time, big win). You can have a fun and memorable experience watching the championship somewhere you've probably been going to ever since your T-ball team won its first game: P.J. Whelihan's.

If you've grown up coming here to eat with your family, it might be funny to think of it as an option to go watch the (arguably) biggest game of the year. But it's a fantastic spot. There is a genuinely obscene amount of T.V.s in any P.J. Whelihan's location you step into, the food is fantastic (the buffalo chicken salad is our personal favorite), and the whole place, no matter what location you're at, is bound to be filled with Eagles fans ready to cheer on the team.

Con Murphy's Irish Pub

You really can't go wrong with an Irish pub to watch a football game. And if you're going to be at an Irish pub to watch the Eagles versus Kansas City, you have to do so at Con Murphy's Irish Pub. The atmosphere in this place is fantastic, and, hey, it's already painted green inside to match the Eagles. (Just kidding, it's probably painted green because it's an Irish pub, but hey, it still fits the vibe of the day). This spot is beloved in the city, as it was given the 2022 TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Award, per its website.

And if good food is as important to you as the atmosphere and drinks, Con Murphy's Irish Pub is the spot to be. If you want a full meal, you can't go wrong with Con's Rueben sandwich, or the BBQ Bacon Blue Burger with a side of parmesan truffle fries (we're drooling just thinking about it).


With two locations to choose from, one in Passyunk and the other in Fishtown, Garage is a great spot to spend Super Bowl Sunday at. If you're a big fan of trying out specialty drinks, Garage's "Fun Bags" are something different to sip while you watch the game. There are also nine T.V.s here, so you won't have to worry about craning your neck to try and get a fleeting glimpse of the reason you're at a bar on a Sunday night.

Garage is also a great choice if you need a bit of a distraction from the game, as you can play a variety of bar sports, from pool to darts and more. Both locations also aren't centrally located in the city (where all the chaos will be), so if you're looking for a fun experience without as much of the crowds, either Garage location will work well for you, your friends, and your family.

Sports & Social

While going to a casino might not be your first instinct to watch the Super Bowl, it is actually a solid option. The Sports & Social Philadelphia inside the Live! Casino has a great sports bar and area, and while it is going to be crowded because, duh, it is the Super Bowl, it shouldn't be as packed as Barstool or Xfinity Live!

And this won't be your typical Super Bowl Sunday experience. The website is advertising extra events such as halftime contests, swag, giveaways, and "live entertainment." While we're not super sure what the live entertainment is, it doesn't matter. The energy in this city is going to be so exciting that you're going to have fun no matter what (except if you show up to a bar that required tickets beforehand and you did not know, that would obviously not be very much fun at all).

Buffalo Billiards

Another excellent bar that might not be on your radar is Buffalo Billiards, located right by Penn's Landing. If you couldn't guess from the name, Buffalo Billiards specializes in billiards, and it has many, many pool tables for you and your friends to play and enjoy. The bar will be packed, like every other pub in the city, and it's good to note that this place usually opens around three hours before the start of any game but will likely be open even earlier than that because, you know, it's the freaking Super Bowl.

This goes for any bar or spots you're looking to go to watch the big game: It can't hurt to call ahead and ask what time they're opening on Super Bowl Sunday. Whatever the open time is at wherever you're going, get there then. Yes, it may be a little boring hanging out for a few hours before kickoff, but it's better than standing in a line outside in the February cold waiting to get in the already-packed bar. Shoot some pool, through some darts, shuffle some board ... trust us, there are worse ways to pass a pre-Bowl Sunday afternoon.

Founding Fathers

You already know that we love our history in the storied City of Brotherly Love, and that includes the country's founding fathers. History is so much a thing here that there's even a restaurant and sports bar called Founding Fathers, and it's nothing but a hit in the community. Founding Fathers bar is located on South Street, and while it's many blocks south of Center City, it's still an excellent location to be in for the big game.

If the photo is any indication, this place gets pretty packed when a big game is on (we know, we know, we've said that about most places, but it's good to remember that anywhere you go in the city to watch the game will be overflowing with people). Founding Fathers also host many fun events outside of sports, like a Bachelor watch party night, trivia, and more. So if you're dragging your non-sports-loving friends there to watch the game, tell them that they can bring you to the next Quizzo night and call it even. Go Birds!