Beertini: The Midwestern Cocktail That Combines Beer And Snack

From the land that brought us oddities, like gigantic BPT sandwiches and tater tot hotdish, the Midwest shares with us yet another tasty, albeit quirky, offering, this time in the form of a cocktail, according to Punch. Affectionately known as the Beertini, the lager-based tipple can be found with ease in bars all across the heartland. Quenching thirst and providing those that drink it with a snack afterward, the cocktail may be simple, but it definitely has its charm.

Whatever you call it — Beertini or Dirty PBR — the formula is always the same (via Pittsburgh City Paper). Cheap beer is poured into a chilled glass along with a handful of green olives and just a splash of their brine, explains Punch. As the little green fruits tumble around in the glass with each sip, the heightened anticipation of enjoying the briny morsels post-drink is unmatched. Plus, with more than just three olives, it is sure to curb cravings if you drink on an empty stomach. 

Though the idea of a beer cocktail might be peculiar, trading liquor for lager is far from a new invention. Gaining traction now, however, is the experimentation with nonalcoholic ingredients as a means of amplifying a beer's flavor profile without increasing alcohol, notes SevenFifty Daily. Appealing to those looking to imbibe responsibly, the low-alcohol Beertini is also geared toward those interested in trying an out-of-the-box beverage. However, the dirty PBR really isn't all that bizarre if you consider how its components work together.

Green olives make for a balanced Beertini

The fact that so many bars offer salt-sprinkled pretzels and seasoned peanuts for guests to graze on while enjoying a pint isn't by mistake. Beer and salt have long been a great match, as Oculyze shares that salinity can actually neutralize any bitterness within a beer. Consequently, a salt-kissed green olive can make a lager taste just a touch sweeter — but that's not all.

Given that lager-style brews with an affordable price tag (namely, Pabst Blue Ribbon) tend to be the go-to base for a Beertini, olives also work to add complexity. According to the Pittsburgh City Paper, the addition of the tangy green olives not only cuts through the metallic taste of a canned beer, but it creates a more layered, multi-dimensional sip. Elevating a basic brew, tossing in some olives along with their zesty brine can produce a cocktail with an herbaceous streak that's refreshingly vibrant and subtly textured.

Regardless of whether they're hollow or stuffed, olives balance the flavor out. Unlike darker varieties that are capable of overpowering a cocktail, VinePair shares that green olives tend to be less pungent, instead boasting a mild and buttery flavor, which can fare especially well in a light and crisp Beertini. Trust us when we say that if you give this olive-laden tipple a try, you'll never look at lager the same way again.