What Pat LaFrieda Is Making On Super Bowl Sunday - Exclusive

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and the stakes couldn't be higher. That's true not only on the field — whether you're all in for the Kansas City Chiefs or hoping the Philadelphia Eagles will take home that Lombardi trophy — but also in kitchens across the country preparing for the ultimate game day celebration. Maybe you're throwing a massive watch party. Or maybe you're gathering with just a few football-crazed friends. Or maybe you're planning on just putting the game on and relaxing. Regardless of how big your event will be, Super Bowl Sunday is the best excuse to throw together all your favorite tailgate foods and load up like a linebacker on wings, nachos, chips and dip, and all the grilled meats your heart desires.

With so many winning options for your Super Bowl feast, deciding on a menu can be more difficult than predicting the game. So why not make things easier this year and pull from an expert's playbook? Say, master of meat and celebrity butcher Pat LaFrieda? It should come as no surprise that everyone's headed to his place to watch the big game and chow down on his tailgate menu. LaFrieda shared his grilling game plan with Tasting Table – read on to find out what he's making on Super Bowl Sunday.

Pat LaFrieda is scoring big with a crowd-pleasing prime rib

LaFrieda says one thing is for sure: He's going all out this Super Bowl Sunday. "Especially after everything that's gone on in the last couple years, we see things a little differently now. We think we used to cook a lot then, and we cook like it's the last one now," he told Tasting Table. This year, LaFrieda plans to keep the crowd full and focused on the game with a massive, meaty prime rib. This premium cut is the perfect star for a tailgate party because not only is it flavorful, but it is also easy to serve as is or between slices of bread. "I can make roast beef sandwiches with rare roast beef all day," LaFrieda added.

If you're feeling inspired and want to make a Pat LaFrieda-approved prime rib for your own Super Bowl celebration, make sure you follow a few guidelines.

Pat LaFrieda's tips for a perfect prime rib

To start, LaFrieda recommends making small slits and inserting fresh garlic cloves inside the entire piece of meat, which will flavor the prime rib as it cooks. Then, he suggests doing a reverse sear on the meat. This technique achieves both the ideal internal temperature and external texture.

For a perfect, rare prime rib, LaFrieda roasts it in the oven at a lower temperature — around 275 degrees Fahrenheit — until the meat reaches 115 degrees. That's when it should be seared, according to the veteran butcher. "I'll either put it on the barbecue or I'll broil it on high heat and turn it constantly so that I'm not burning it, but I'm getting the exterior sear," he said. Once the beef is seared, it should rest for about 10 minutes before it's ready to serve in all its glory.

The best part? You can reheat the prime rib and enjoy it for days. "As long as you're cooking it super rare in the center, it makes for the best leftovers, because when you heat them they will not be overcooked," LaFrieda shared.

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