This Is Pat LaFrieda's Favorite Steak To Make At Home - Exclusive

Making steak at home can be an intimidating endeavor. It takes some specific techniques to get restaurant-quality results. From seasoning to temperature control, as well as the heat source you use, the type of fat you add, the cooking and resting times, and more — there are a lot of mistakes with steak that can be made along the way. And before you ever even have a chance to make or break the preparation process, there's the overwhelming decision of choosing which cut of steak to cook.

At the very least, you can save yourself the trouble of weighing the pros and cons of every steak selection at the grocery store and follow in the footsteps of a known master of meat, such as Pat LaFrieda. We recently spoke with the celebrity butcher and head of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors to gather some inside knowledge on all things meat. During the exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Pat LaFrieda revealed the go-to steak he loves to make when cooking at home. And for anyone who plans to have a butcher-approved steak dinner tonight, LaFrieda also shared the key seasonings he uses to get the flavor just right every time.

Pat LaFrieda says skirt steak is a cut above the rest

While so many chefs and foodies will hawk the merits of a fatty ribeye or a delicate filet mignon, Pat LaFrieda's chosen cut is something a little more simple and underrated. "Skirt steak is my favorite," he told Tasting Table, clarifying that he prefers "outside skirt steaks as opposed to inside." For those who don't know the difference between outside and inside skirt steak, both cuts come from under a cow's ribs, but the outside portion is a less-utilized muscle, resulting in thicker, softer meat than an inside cut.

For LaFrieda, the love of skirt steak is personal. "That's what the Romanian steak always [was] in diners [when I was] growing up. It's my dad's favorite steak; it was my grandfather's favorite steak," he recalled. Beyond the nostalgia, LaFrieda also said skirt steak "is the one cut of meat that tastes different from everything else. It has those earthy flavors." However, if skirt steak isn't your thing, or you can't find it at the supermarket, LaFrieda said a similar alternative is a hanger steak, although the taste is subtly less clean.

No matter what cut of steak you decide to cook, it's important to season it properly. LaFrieda explained, "A crushed coarse salt is best so it keeps that crunch to it." In addition, fresh garlic is a must. For a simple steak made in a cast-iron pan, LaFrieda said he will always be "roasting garlic and butter and pouring it over the steak after," insisting that putting in that extra flavor step is "a completely different experience."

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